Zhen Sth Kongwu

Zhen Sth Kongwu

Düren, Düren, Germany

About Zhen Sth Kongwu

Zen Sth Kongwu specializes in new media digital air brush artworks printed on canvas, in abstract expressionism, photorealism and conceptual surrealism styles that can resonate and inspire the inner souls of people. The artist considers herself as a conscientious,sensitive and spiritual individual who can resonate with the deeper facet of nature and the universe, captures the hidden energy behind the physical world and reveals them to people who are in seek of higher form of Truth. It is said that collectors who got inspired by certain artworks from the artist resonates with the energy from the artworks and benefited just by looking at the artworks that is hanged at the wall. The artist described herself as a spiritual seeker and mentor who helps people to awaken to their pure consciousness. In another word, the artist is special and gifted in a way that she is in touch with pure energy of the universe in higher dimensions and can transform and inject that energy into her art pieces. Hence, the art pieces manifested this way can be said to be blessed with pure energy of existence. One will surprisingly observe the peace and tranquility brought about by the artwork pieces by Zen Sth Kongwu.




Local exhibitions and display over the internet for now.


Local exhibitions in the town of artist's residency are very much appreciated. Now through internet media, the digital copies are made available for display to people around the world who appreciates art.

Please note that the sizes of artworks can be customized for printing to tailor to individual needs. It is observed that larger the prints, the more enhanced the effect of the artworks energy and the stronger the aura.

Also, interested agents around the world are invited to represent for sales and distribution of artworks. The artist will continue to provide new artworks and will be happy to discuss further details of representations.