Svetlana Adamenko

Svetlana Adamenko

Almaty, Kazakhstan

About Svetlana Adamenko

My name is Svetlana, I'm self-taught.

From an early age, I loved to draw, when I worked in kindergarten and school with children, the love of drawing only grew. When you work with children, you are energized, you see the world bright, you want to study it, fantasize.

I am inspired by color, form, action, movement. In my work, I experiment with color, application method, combinations of various techniques and materials.
I use bright colors, unusual shapes, movement, and always a bit of humor.

I like to portray the emotions of people, animals, and even nature. Nature is a storehouse of ideas for inspiration.
In my works, I portray my attitude to peace, my fantasies, my feeling from the world and people.

The purpose of my work is to remind everyone of the connection of man with nature, with animals, with the universe.