Lorenzo Di Loreto Uccellini

Lorenzo Di Loreto Uccellini

Senigallia, Marche, Italy

About Lorenzo Di Loreto Uccellini

I am a photographer based in Pesaro, Italy.
My works have been presented by critics and historians including Arturo Schwarz, Naomi Rosenblum, Lanfranco Colombo, Ludovico Pratesi, Marina Jigarkhanyan and Andrey Martynov.
Photographs by me have been exhibited in many cities of Italy and abroad, as New York, Paris, Tokyo, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.
Published in many art publications, my works can be found in private and public collections such as National Photo Museum of Brescia, The Spazio Nobili of Montelabbate (PU) and the State Art Museum of Novosibirsk, Russia.

My works are mostly published by Moretti&Vitali Editori - Bergamo (Italy)

Since 2010 I collaborate as curator for international art shows in Italy and abroad.

In May 2018 I have founded THE BID | Art Space which is a modern space in which with some friends we propose both international art exhibitions and educational meeting and workshops

About my art:
In almost 25 years of activity I always look for new kind of expression. Actually my works are always focused on the intimistic side of the life, of the human being and time by time I like to change my style also adding new media, as the music for i.e in my last project 'Alina'. I like to feel every time an absolute beginner; like a challenge for I don't like the 'warm' sensation of feeling in a safe zone into the usual boundaries of my past experiences.

Really news upcoming in 2020 ....!!
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My education is founded on classic studies (letterature and philosophy) at the University of Urbino (Italy)
Concerning my photography activity, in 1997 I met My mentor and Master Frank Dituri (NYC) whose teaching lead me to acquire my personal vision and approach to fine art photography.
In 1998 in NYC I've followed Jim Megargee workshop about black and white fine art print technics.
My personal studies about psychology , mythology and history of the religions, are my own lovers and I always pick inspiration from my preferred authors as C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Waldo Emerson and my first grad love William Blake.


I begin writing this form in august 2018 and it is tricky to write all the main events I did during the past, then I just would notice the last one I had in July 22 when I debut with ,y very last project 'Alina' for which I create a concept that includes photography, video, poems and for the first ime in my career also a son written and composed by myself and then left to be sane and played by DanyRusso who's a rock musician based in my own town.

As founder and director of THE BID Art Space I will manage during the upcoming Fall 2018 three international photo exhibitions in collaboration with my friend and partner Andrey Martynov (Moscow). Along the shows, I'll also direct five workshops about photo technic and book making.

Since January 2018 I became the President of Fondazione Uccellini Amurri onlus, a not profit job and I created the project Art&Charity in which I used the events created at THE BID to raise money (few :( from visitors or artworks directly From artists and then lit them on an auction and we get money for hospitalised children.
www.fondazioneuccelliniamurri.org/art charity


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
-Shatto Gallery - Los Angeles - confirmed October 2020
-Art of Foto - St. Petersburg - RU, 2019
-The Bid | Art Space, Pesaro - Italy 2018
-Sala degli Specchi, Alexander Museum Palace, Pesaro - Italy 2017
-FotoFoto Gallery, Huntington, Long Island (NY), USA, 2011
-Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro - Italy, 2011
-Fortezza di San Leo - Italy, 2010
-Arezzo&Fotografia, Arezzo - Italy, 2010
-Sala Paolini-Nezzo, Urbino - Italy, 2004
-Giovenzana, Milano - Italy, 2002
-Zucca Design, Pesaro - Italy, 2002
-Lingotto (Fiera internazionale del libro), Torino - Italy, 2000
-SpazioStudio, Milano - Italy, 2000
-Villa Reale di Monza - Italy, 2000
-Sala Paolini-Nezzo, urbino - Italy, 1999
-Lingotto (Fiera internazionale del libro), Torino - Italy, 1998
-Giovenzana, Milano - Italy, 1997
-Museo Nazionale della Fotografia, Brescia, Italy, 1997

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Educational Museum - Omsk, Russia -2019
LANDSCAPES. East meets West - SHATTO GALLERY, Los Angeles USA 2019
Le forme dell’interpretazione - A cura di Mauro Manetti - Rocca di Umbertide, Italy
MINDSCAPES - Yurta Gallery, Italy - Luglio 2019
Isole del Montefeltro - Rocca Roveresca Senigallia, Italy - Luglio .2019
MINDSCAPES - The Bid - Pesaro - Aprile 2019
Landscapes. East meets West - The Bid art Space - Pesaro Italy, 2019
MINDSCAPES - Filarete Artstudio, Empoli Italy 2019
Paris Photo by Saatchi Art - France 2018
The Bid Art Space - Pesaro - Italy -2018
Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg - Russia, 2018
Historical Museum Of Culture, Chelyabinsk - Russia, 2018
The Bid Art Space - Pesaro - Italy, 2018
State Museum Darwin, Moscow - Russia, 2018
Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg - Russia, 2017
Saatchi Gallery, London - UK (screen project at 2nd floor), 2014
Castello di Sannicandro, Bari - Italy, 2012
Palazzo Tiranni Castracane, Cagli - Italy, 2011
The Fine Art Gallery of the American University of Paris - France, 2011
Rosphoto Museum, St. Petersburg - Russia, 2011
Gallery Mutsu, Chiba - Japan, 2011
Art Space Eumeria, Tokyo - Japan, 2011
State Art Museum, Novosibirsk - Russia, 2011
Dimora del Prete di belmonte, isernia - Italy, 2011
Palazzo Monte Frumentario, Assisi - Italy, 2010
State Art Museum, Novosibirsk - Russia, 2010
Torre Eptagonale, Moresco - Italy, 2010
Spazio Nobili, Montelabbate - Italy, 2010
Manage Museum, St. Petersburg - Russia, 2009
Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio - Italy, 1997