Mark Pol

Mark Pol

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Netherlands

About Mark Pol


I was born in The Hague. Now I live in Amsterdam.

I had no artistic influence. I have just my own fantasy. I am a dreamer who never wants to wake up, but I did when I grew up.

I received formal training on the Free Academy of Art in the evening in The Hague. On the Photo academy also during the evening I learned to make photos. I worke always alone. I was a loner then and I am still now.

To mention a view press comments:

USA Press release Upstream People Gallery
Mark Pol receives International recognition with his artwork "Threaded Desire"

ITALY ALPES, December 12, 2014 pages 24 and 25.

USA Press Release Four Points Contemporary
Award of excellence Mark Pol
Award of Merit Mark Pol

COSTA BLANCA NORDEN, Altea, Spain, May 24, 2013

THE NONPROFIT QUARTERLY, Boston, Massachusetts, Summer 2017
( magazine tot promote spirited non profit management )

In the mean time I work, just work and try to make my art as my thoughts are telling me. Thoughts about our human existence and our failures as humans. Maybe it comes from my family who were scattered all over Europe. They were beaten and killed in WW II. They flew, but in vain. They were murdered in camps with unthinkable cruelty.

So my past and my roots has forced me, maybe formed me to make this kind of art.

Past exhibitions in, to mention some: ( see for details )
Amsterdam (NL) Several times and markets
Amstelveen (NL)
Bussum (NL)Several times
Haarlem (NL)
Maassluis (NL)
Naarden (NL)
Hilversum (NL)
Laren (NL)
Schijndel (NL)
Delft (NL) Several times
Deventer (NL)
Eindhoven (NL)
Bergen (NL) Several times
Nieuwkoop (NL) Several times
Arnhem (NL)
Antwerp (Belgium)
Tongeren (Belgium) Several times
Athens (Greece)
Altea (Spain)
London (UK) Several times
Northampton (UK) Several times
Westbourne (UK)
Aberdeen (Scotland,UK)
Karlsruhe (Germany)
Hamburg (Germany)
Triberg (Germany) Several times
Basel (Swiss)
Zurich (Swiss) Several times
Steinbach/Steyr (Austria)
Wenen (Austria)
Budweiss (Czechoslovakia)
Venice (Italy) Several times
Sienna (Italy)
Villacidro (Sardinie) (Italy)
Paderno - TV (Italy)
Paris (France) Several times
Lisboa (Portugal) Several times
New York (USA) Several times
Hudson (USA)
Chicago (USA)
Alief, Texas (USA)
Omaha (USA)
Los Angeles (USA) Several times
Miami (USA) Several times
Calcutta (India)
Essendon( Australia)
Swan Reach (Australia)
Red Hill (Australia)
Moonee Vally (Australia)

Exhibitions to come (planned)
Arsy 1/5 - 31/8 2021
Artbox Barcelona 2/5 - 7/5 2021
Venice 14/8 - 25/8 2021
Zurich 25/8 - 29/8 2021


I 'm formed on the Free Academy of Art who was directed then by George Lampe. I also did the Academy of Photography. I'm a professional artist.


See for more details


Red Impact
Bombarie Amsterdam, Rietlandpark 373, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
7 nov. 2018 tot 4 dec. 2018

The Art Box project Zurich
ArtBox Gallery, Giessereistrasse 1, Zurich
1 sep. 2018 tot 30 sep. 2018

All can be Frida
Espacio Gallery, 159 BETHNAL GREEN ROAD, London, UK
22 aug. 2018 tot 2 sep. 2018

Fighting new Artist with the Medics
Medisch centrum Bussum Zuid, Piet Heinlaan 50 A, Bussum
The Netherlands
30 jul. 2018 tot 1 okt. 2018

Wester Amstel
Wester Amstel, Amsteldijk Noord 55, Amstelveen
The Netherlands
11 mei 2018 tot 28 mei 2018

Stricoff Fine Art Gallery New York, 564 W 25 th St, New York, USA
5 mrt. 2018 tot 17 mrt. 2018

Un Seul Grain de Riz
Gallery Metanoia, 56 Rue Quincampoix, Paris, France
18 dec. 2017 tot 6 jan. 2018

Groene Hart Licht, Leven en Landschap
Gallery Hoeve Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwveenseweg 59, Nieuwkoop
The Netherlands
30 sep. 2017 tot 24 nov. 2017

IT'S A STRANGE WORLDPraktijk Fysiotherapie ZEEBURG, Sumatrastraat 201 a, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
31 aug. 2017 tot 30 nov. 2017

Waiting for the summer
Gallery Global Art vzw, Maasstrichter straat 40, Tongeren
2 jul. 2017 tot 31 jul. 2017

Art Basel weeks
Basel, Euroairport Basel, Trainstation: Euroairport 3.Stock/3rd floor , Basel
14 jun. 2017 tot 18 jun. 2017

International Postcard Show 2017
Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road, Nottingham, UK
14 jan. 2017 tot 11 feb. 2017

The Art Box project
The Artbox.project, 1700 NE 2 nd Avenue , Miami, USA
29 nov. 2016 tot 3 dec. 2016

Huis van de Wijk, A.J. Ernststraat 112, AmsterdamThe Netherlands
2 nov. 2016 tot 14 dec. 2016

Pop Up ArtNation
Art Nation WW, 2 Rivington Street ( East Village ), New York City, USA
31 aug. 2016 tot 5 sep. 2016

Frida Kahlo, Pasion Por la Vida
Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London, UK
4 aug. 2016 tot 31 aug. 2016

ArtFair Market at MAGMMA
MAGMMA Museum, Via Cagliari, 87, Villacidro (VS) SARDINIA
11 jun. 2016 tot 31 aug. 2016

Amstellanddag 2016
Amstellanddag 2016, Amsteldijk-Noord 55, Amstelveen
The Netherlands
5 jun. 2016 tot 5 jun. 2016

Time Travelers
Gallery Global Art vzw, Maastrichter straat 40, Tongeren
7 mei 2016 tot 29 mei 2016

Evolution Incomplete
Bibliotheek Diemen, Wilhelminaplantsoen 126, Diemen
The Netherlands
3 mei 2016 tot 26 okt. 2016

ARt expo NYC
Art Expo NYC, Pier 94 12 th Avenue/ 55 th street & the West Side Highway, New York City, USA
14 apr. 2016 tot 17 apr. 2016

Galerie am Färberbach
Galerie am Färberbach, Weyergasse 9, Steinbach a.d. Steyr,
7 apr. 2016 tot 6 mei 2016

Architectural Digest Design Show
Architectural Digest Design Show, Pier 92 & 94 Twelfth Avenue at 55 th Street, New York City, USA
21 mrt. 2016 tot 24 mrt. 2016

Kunst & Design Collectief
Kunstkelder Raaks halle, Drossestraat 2, Haarlem
The Netherlands
3 jan. 2016 tot 28 jan. 2016

Spectrum Miami
Spectrum Miami Art Show, 1 st Avenue at NE 30 th street, Miami, USA
2 dec. 2015 tot 6 dec. 2015

Pop-up exibition 2015
JGALLERY, 25 West Street, Moulton, Northhampton, UK
2 dec. 2015 tot 31 jan. 2016

What a Wonderful World
GAF Gallery, 71 Seamoor Road, Westbourne, UK
6 nov. 2015 tot 22 nov. 2015

Metamorphosis of Time
Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Willem van Weldammestraat 5, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
4 nov. 2015 tot 28 feb. 2016

Groene Hart Kunstcompetitie 9 de editie
Galerie en Beeldentuin Hoeve Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwveenseweg 59, Nieuwkoop
The Netherlands
10 okt. 2015 tot 6 nov. 2015

Douanehuisje Culture Center, Govert Wijnkade 52, Maassluis
The Netherlands
3 okt. 2015 tot 25 okt. 2015

Storyteller II, internet, Wenen, Austria
1 okt. 2015 tot 31 dec. 2015

Fashion Week
Art UpCLOSE, 84 Orchard Street, New York, USA
10 sep. 2015 tot 17 sep. 2015

Solar Spectrum
Lark Gallery, 7952 W. 3 rd street, Los Angeles, USA
7 jun. 2015 tot 9 jul. 2015

ForYourTasteOnly & proeverij
ForYourTasteOnly, Maasstraat 118, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
11 apr. 2015 tot 13 apr. 2015

PAFI 2015
PAFI 2015, Parkhaus pE3, Kreuzstrasse 5, Triberg, Germany
27 mrt. 2015 tot 30 mrt. 2015