Mayee Futterman

Mayee Futterman

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Mayee Futterman

Mayee Futterman specializes in Xiěyì 寫意 or spontaneous-style Chinese Brush Painting. For over two decades, she has studied and apprenticed under professor and master brush artist, Dr. Ning Yeh including at UCLA, Coastline College, and Cerritos College.

Mayee is an experienced brush painting teacher and has edited and produced five of Dr. Yeh's instructional art books including "108 Flowers: Brush Painting Lessons Volumes 1-4" and "Landscape Lessons".

Mayee has a Master of Architecture from UCLA and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of the Philippines. A large number of her work is in the collection of California Hospital Medical Center and permanently exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health. Mayee’s award winning work is also in various private collections throughout the US and around the world including Canada, Middle East, Singapore, and Philippines. She was recently featured on CNN Philippines' morning show "New Day."

"The Chinese characters for mei meaning "beauty" and yi meaning "ease" represent my name. To me, these characters convey the essence of the art I love: the joyful expression of sublime beauty with the natural ease of a dancing brush. Graceful yet bold, deliberate yet free, brush painting bridges the duality of my own nature—the bold austerity of the architect with the sensuous grace of motherhood. Through all three—art, architecture, and motherhood—I have learned the virtue of quiet, devoted practice with a spontaneous spirit and a clear mind as the way to mastery."

Mayee lives in Encino, CA with her husband, Marc, and their son, Jake.