Biswarupa Mohanty

Biswarupa Mohanty

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Biswarupa Mohanty

Nature, around and within inspires Mona Biswarupa. Her artistic journey is a constant endeavor to depict the feminine energy of nature.
Born in Mayurbhanj, India, Mona grew up in the lap of nature and culture in a family where music and literature was an important part of everyday. At the age of 3, she started painting with her poet father's ink and mother's Aaltaa, a red liquid Indian brides and dancers adorn their feet with. . Formally trained as a fashion designer, Mona worked in the design industry for 15+ years. In 2016 she left her design job to pursue her true calling, Art.
In Mona's opinion, Art is a journey of many lifetimes.. and this life is just one of them. She is here to explore, experience and express.


2007- Masters Research Study in Fashion and Textile Design, Instituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy .

1999- Bachelor in Fashion Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India.

1993-1996- School level Diploma in fine arts (Watercolor) , School of art and crafts, Baripada, Odisha, India.