Sergii Mykhalkiv

Sergii Mykhalkiv

Lviv, Lviv region, Ukraine

About Sergii Mykhalkiv

Sergiy Mykhalkiv was born in 1975 in Lviv. Professionally engaged in photography. He was teaching the art of photography in several photo schools. In 2017 opened his own photo studio "RedLight”. Two-time winner of the annual contest of the “Playboy” magazine, 2008 (1st prize) and 2012 (2 prize). Winner of National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine Contest "Photo Portrait" (3d prize), 2009. Winner in "Cannon" online competition in 2012.

His works are in private collections in the UK, Germany, USA, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. Some works were bought by Pinchuk Art Centre, (Kyiv).

Since 1998 Sergiy Mykhalkiv takes photos of his muses – beautiful naked women, inspired by the relaxed charm and natural beauty of the female body, which so admired by artists of different eras. He says that the genre of his work is not erotic. Mykhalkiv likes the definition, which gave him his colleague photographer about his style – it is the intimate portrait.

By taking off clothing – woman removes her heavy social status and becomes such as it was created by nature. And at this moment, using his own boudoir situation created in the studio, well known Lviv photographer Sergiy Mykhalkiv creates his photo compositions – the stories from the boudoir.


Graduated from the electronics college in Lviv, got the photographer's education independently


- Erotic Exposhow, Lviv (2000)
- High Castle Art Salon, Lviv (2004)
- Kyiv Photosalon, Kyiv (2005)
- High Castle Art Salon, Lviv (2005)
- Personal exhibition "Metamorphosis", Bamboo gallery, Odessa (2006)
- "The Taming of Eros", Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv (2007)
- Personal exhibition "Parfum", Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv (2008)
- Art Salon ''Landscape'', Lviv (2009)
- "Amore" Palace of Arts, Lviv (2010)
-, Lviv 2010
- ''Flexon Ptootch" , exhibition of ukrainian modern art, London (2011)
- "Nuda Veritas", personal exhibition, Coral Art Gallery, Lviv (2011)
- "Art Plus" gallery, Kyiv (2011)
- "Atelier"
- "ScanManipulation" in "Viennese Rolls", Lviv (2012)
- Personal exhibition in "The Library Pub'' 235 Upper St, London N1 1RU (2013)
- Personal exhibition "Boudoir stories", Green Sofa gallery, Lviv (2017)
- Kyiv Photo Week (2018)