Negar Farajiani

Negar Farajiani


About Negar Farajiani

I was born in Yazd, the historical sun city in the middle of Iran in 1977.
I remember my childhood spent in amazing and colorful environment with playing,adventurous leisure and explore numerous shapes,forms and colors.

Subsequently, I became keen on art activities specially, painting and drawing

Negar Farajiani's painting suggest of rational growth concerning the perception of absurd painting in Iran.She does not intend to present an exotic feel or makeup in her fact,she brings her perplexity to order by using colors,and w in connecting to her works,like the seats oillingly or unwillingly,the spectator connects to these colors a kind of ambiguous chaos that invites the viewers of this delivery,too,to tranquility.
In other words in connecting to my works,like the seats of a concert hall that are taken gradually,the mind of the spectator begins to rest peacefully due to some kind of harmony that exists between various bits and pieces.
The energy of nature and intellect reach the highest point in Negar Farajiani's images and this is what exactly happens,willingly or unwillingly,in the mind of the spectator as well,making their fantasies sway in the gentle breeze that blows out from a wild and unruly nature.
text: Vahid Sharifian


Painting Diploma, school of fine arts, Yazd 1995

B,A in Graphic Design, Art university of Tehran 2000

Member of society of Iranian Painters (SIP)
Member of Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts.

Solo Exhibition
2007 Painting exhibition Assar Art Gallery, Tehran
2007 Dubai celebration of the Flight of falcon
2004 Painting exhibition Assar Art Gallery, Tehran
2004 Dubais celebration of the Arabian horse, Dubai
2002 painting exhibition Assar Art Gallery ,Tehran

Group painting exhibition
2007 New trend of Iranian painting(collected memories)exhibition,Artspace Gallery,London
2007 An exhibition of contemporary Iranian Art,Iran Heritage,ART LONDON
2007 Painting exhibition, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran
2007 Painting exhibition, Artists House, Tehran
2007 Painting exhibition, Baran Art Gallery, Tehran
2006 Group painting exhibition,Assar art Gallery, Tehran
2005 China expo exhibition
2005 Painting exhibition,Assar Art Gallery, Tehran
2004 Painting exhibition, Assar art Gallery, Tehran
1995 Painting exhibition, Fine art school, Yazd

Other exhibition
2000 Self-promotional posters exhibition museum of contemporary of art, Tehran
1999 Children book illustration exhibition Noma-Japan
1999 Children book illustration exhibition museum of contemporary of art, Tehran

Book's illustrations
2002 Kalateh nan, Mahriz publication
2001 Baran, Mahriz publication
2000 Ghaliche-ie soleymun, Ruzegar publication

Animation project
1999 Three drops of blood (a story of Sadegh Hedayat),Mahriz Mehr Firm
1997 Educational Television program for Children ,Saba Company

Others activities
2002-2004 Out door and indoor painting and designing of 2 Kinder garden, Yazd-Tehran
Logo and Cover Designing for CD and Book.

2007 Two pieces of her artworks was sold in Christie's Auction, Dubai
2004 the second most expensive artwork sold in the Celebration of Arabian Horse Auction, Dubai,


Future Shows: I am painting on ancient Iranin music forms and melody's by Mixed Media technique in different frames also I am painting daily on a project which is my daily images diery.