Parvin Farzaneh

Parvin Farzaneh

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Parvin Farzaneh

My career as a visual artist spans almost five decades and several continents. I was born in Iran where I obtained a BFA from the University of Tehran in 1965. Over the next fifteen years, I practiced painting in both my native country and Switzerland under the guidance of several renowned artists and teachers. In the eighties, I spent several years in California, before eventually deciding to settle in Montreal, Canada.

I have shown my work in both solo and group exhibitions in renowned galleries and festivals in Iran, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States and Canada. I have also taught many sculpture workshops and courses over the past thirty years in Montreal. My work is included in numerous private and public collections worldwide.

In both my paintings and sculptures, I strive to depict nature and the human spirit as vibrant and inseparable sources of life. My art is primarily about the simple, yet enigmatic beauty that surrounds us in both natural landscape and human gestures. The key to my work is its subtlety in form, colour and subject matter. My paintings often have a dreamlike quality to them. I like to blend bold colours and contrasts to create harmonious compositions in order to evoke a feeling of calm elation in my viewers.
I employ a vast array of materials and techniques in sculpture, including bronze, marble, stone, plaster, concrete and glass to name a few. My paintings are mostly done in oils.


1965 - 1968: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Iran
1972 - 1975: École des beaux Arts de Lausanne, Switzerland
1979 - 1981: University of San Jose, USA
1982 - 1983: École de Louvre, Paris, France
1986 - 1987: Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Canada