Philip Pegden

Philip Pegden

London , United Kingdom

About Philip Pegden

Philip has been a committed Fine Art photographer for over 20 years. He likes to explore individuals who look, perhaps, lost in their own lands. The photographs may appear staged and choreographed, but are all strictly candid impromptu captures. He is influenced by Edward Hopper, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avedon.​
His wife and creative partner Caroline works on his side to curate the collection.


- Featured in Dodho Magazine (


- Exhibited at The Other Art Fair, London, October 2017
- Exhibited at Parallax Art Fair, London, February 2017
- Exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2016
- Awarded honorable mention in the PX3 2016 competition, Prix de la Photographie Paris
- Awarded honourable mention in the International Photography Awards 2016 competition - Family of Man
- Published in London Independent Photography magazine
- Exhibited in Viewfinder Gallery in 2006
- Awarded Royal Photographic Society Licentiate and Associate distinctions in 2003 and 2004 respectively
- Completed commission for Community Links for display in the House of Lords