Gunter Pusch

Gunter Pusch

Milan, Lombardy, Italy

About Gunter Pusch

Gunter Pusch was born in Landshut, Germany in 1962. After working as a car mechanic and aeronautical mechanic, he took a degree in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences of Munich in 1991. Here he began his studies of industrial and architectural drawing. During this period he travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, India, China, USA, Indonesia, Israel and Jordan.
In 1992 he begun to work as an architect, at the same time he started with abstract painting. In 2001 he changed in figurative style, after he visited the abandoned factories in Milan and Pavia, Italy. In 2002 he moved to Italy where he continues his artistic activity and works as a professional artist in Milan, Italy.
2014 he opened his atelier in Milan and works exclusively as an artist.
In his paintings, technology and nature coming out with a mixture of mechanic alienation and living dimension where humans and nature compete in conquering territories. Motors become a symbolic representation of internal mechanisms, substituting sometimes emotions sites - pictures the conflict between nature and technology.
He lives and works in Milan, Italy


Degree in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences of Munich, Germany


Workshop with Monika Baer and Dierk Schmidt, Salzburg, Austria 2009


Art Residence program, Paradise Pure.Living Hotel Seiser Alm, Italy
2019 Pardes, Art Lab, “Umano-DisUmano”, Mirano and Venice, cura Maria Luisa Trevisan
2018 Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, “The Scream Of The Earth”, Triennale, cura Nevia Pizzul-Capello
2018 Museo Civic Castello Visconteo, Pavia, Italia, New space contemporary Art SPAZIO 900/2000, 2 works permanet, cura di Francesca Porreca
2017 Gallery Contempo, Pergine Trento, Italy, Nel Confine Del Segno (On the border Of Sign), xylograph works cura Paolo Dolzan, Dora Bulart
2017 Palazzo Ceschi, Borgo Valsugana, “Linea Inquieta” (Edgily Line) cura Paolo Dolzan
2017 Civic Museum Castel Visconti, “Lombardum Contemporaneum” (Lombardy Contemporary)
2017 Exhibition Space, Via-Visiale, Spoleto, Italy, “Nel Sogno Della Pittura E Scultura”
2017 Archives Of Misericordia, Venice, “InForma” ,during the 57. Biennale in Venice
2017 LAB174 Gallery, Roma, with Chapeau Gallery, “Ensemble” cura Massimo Rossi
2016 Gallery Orler, Space Perego, Cernusco Milan, “Arte Misura” (Art Measured) cura E. Orler
2016 Museum Maso Spilzi, Folgaria (Trento), Italy, “Emozioni al Maso” (Emotions For Maso) - cura A. Targher
2016 Gallery Orler, “Acqua” (Water) - Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy, cura Andrea Orler
2016 Art Lab. PaRDes + Art Factory, Mirano+Venice, “Squarci Nelle Tenebre” (Cracks In The Dark) with Tobia Ravà
2015 Bibliotheca Tamburo, University Pavia, “Paesaggi Dell' Uomo” (Landscapes Of Human nature)
2015 Venice Art House Gallery, “Move Without Moving”
2014 Art Lab. PaRDes, “Energia” (Energy), Mirano, Venice, Italy
2012 Museum of Science, Milan, Italy, IMAF-Festival, award art critic Marina Mojana
2009 Art Foundation Corrente, Milan, “Expossible”
2009 Sommeracademy Salzburg, group Monika Baer, “Roadworks”
2008 Gallery Guido Iemmi, Milan, “Commonground”
2007 Museum of Contemporary Art Broletto, Pavia, Italy, “Cattedrali Di Accaio” (Cathedrals Of Steel)
2007 “Sorsi Di Pace” (Slugs Of Peace), Ghemme, Italy, Benefit – Art auction
2006 Art Karlsruhe, Foundation Carrè D’Art, Andrea Malaer, CH
2005 Gallery Junger, cura Lori Lee, Berlin
2004 Foundation Carre D’Art, Vinelz, CH, “Quad’Art” Andrea Malaer
2004 ART Karlsruhe, Foundation Carre D’Art, Andrea Malaer, CH
2004 ArtExpo, Monte Carlo, Art Gallery Catùs, Bologna
2003 Art Bodensee, Dornbirn, Austria
2002 CP Gallery, “Summersalon” Munich, Christa Probst

Personal exhibitions selection
2019 Gallery Contempo, Pergine Trento Italy, HOMO FUTURUS, cura Dora Bulart
2015 Library Bocca, Milan, Italy, “Metropolitan Motor”
2015 Ca’ Zanardi, ex-Colussi exhibititon space, Venice, “KATALYS”, during the 56. Biennale
2013 Caos Art Gallery Venice, Italy, “RANDOM”, during the 55. Biennale
2011 Museum Visconteo Pavia, Italy, “Motor-Realismus” (Motor-Realism)
2011 Palazzo Albrizzi Venice, Italy, “Motor-Realismus”, during the 54. Biennale
2010 Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy, “Stille Und Lebendige Orte” (Silent And Vibrant Places)
2009 Showroom Braendli Milano, “Irgendwo” (Somewhere)
2008 Exhibition Space Eventa Torino, “Fragmente“ (Fragments)
2008 Gallery Junger, Berlin, Metall-Seele (Metal-Soul)
2006 Gallery Catùs, Bologna, Italy, “Formati Industriale” (Industrial Formats)
2006 Gallery Kunstwerk, Heimbach/ Cologne, Germany, “Industrial Art”
2005 Showroom, Kusch & Co. Design Munich, “Industriekunst” (Industrial Art)
2005 Gallery Erika Tanner, Stuttgart, Germany, “Fabrikvisionen” (Factory Visions)
2005 San Zeno ex-church, City of Pisa, Italy, “Industrie Realismus” (Industrial Realism)
2005 Art Karlsruhe, Foundation Carrè D’Art, Andrea Malaer CH
2004 Gallery Pucci, Pontedera, Pisa, “Dynamic Structures”
2004 Santa Maria in Gualtieri, ex-church of Pavia, “Ma.Sk.“
2003 University Pavia, Collegio Cairoli, “Strukturen und Zeichen” (Structurs And Signs)
2002 CP-Gallery, Munich, Christa Probst, ”Profile” (Treads)