Rocio Silleras Aguilar

Rocio Silleras Aguilar

Burgos, Castilla y León, Spain

About Rocio Silleras Aguilar

Art teacher, researcher, experimental musician, plastic and sound multimedia artist.
Born in Burgos in November 28th of 1981. Plastic Art and Experimental Music are the two main pillars of her work. Her multidisciplinary research and artistic praxis are focused on sound understood as a sound-musical-plastic material that establishes bridges both with the different artistic, musical, literary and theatrical disciplines as well as with the rest of the scientific, technological and humanistic disciplines.
During her doctoral research she explored in depth the multiple creative possibilities of the juxtaposition of sound with solid state media, focusing on the complex and heterogeneous field of Sound Art in which she is a recognized expert.
After that period untill today her research has continued to deepen the possibilities of this type of artistic and musical praxis with a double value, the sonorous-plastic and as a personal and / or social transformational vehicle, transversely addressing issues such as human development, sensorial development, sensory extension, education, ecology, technology, cultural heritage, social inclusion, artistic mediation and even art therapy.
In her plastic works highlights her expressive freedom, a powerfull and interesting colorful and her deep attention to the composition and to the material qualities of her work.


Scholarship in Samsung Tech Institute's Program DesArrolladoras focused on Full-Stack Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (2019-2020).
PhD Fine Arts: Production & Research UPV.
(Sound&Plastic Art, 2011-2015)
Master's Degree in Artisitc Production, UPV. (Public Art, 2006-2007)
Bachelor Extension, USAL. (Engraving, 2005-2006)
Bachelor Fine Arts, USAL (Sculpture, 2000-2005)
Erasmus in Accademia di Brera (Milan, 2003-2004)
* Certification of Pedagogical Aptitude, UPV (2009)


(2012-today) LECTURES, MASTER CLASSES & WORKSHOPS IN UNIVERSITIES, MUSEUMS AND RESEARCH CENTERS [Contemporary Art # Sound Art # Sound Installation # Art &Technology # Sound Scape # Experimental Music # Radio and Sensorial Tourism # Sound Mediation and Sound-Plastic Art Therapies...] Highlights spaces like UPV, ETSIT-UPV, UB, EHU, CSIMP-UAM, IVAM.

- EmoSons Project (ETSIT-UPV and GTAC). (2013-2017).
- Research Project on Early Stimulation Through the Illustrative Image. (UPV, 2010-2012)
- R&D Recovery of Pioneering Works of Sound Art of the Spanish Historical Vanguard and Review of its Current Influence. HAR2008-04678. (LCI-UPV, 1/1/2010-31/12/2012)
- R & D Recovery of Pioneering Practices of the Action Art of the Spanish Historical Vanguard and its Contribution to the History of European Performance. HAR2014-58869-P. (LCI-UPV, 1/1/2015-30/6/2018)

(2012-today) COMMISSARIATE PROJECT: 'One Minute for Miguel Molina' with Álvarez-Fernández (Ars Sonora Director, rne) and Ferrer-Molina.

(2015) RE(((SON)))ANCE Project. Artistic residency granted by SRE, Mexican Government. Excellence Scholarship Program for Foreigners.
(2012 & 2015) Member of Jury "Premi Cura Castillejo al Propondre Mes Foragitat".
(2010-2013) Co-tutoring of 3 Final Project at ETSIT-UPV. The three projects are called "Development of sound applications with the kinect". Collaboration with Dept., Communications ETSIT-UPV and Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTeAM).

- Regular external collaborator of the University Research Group of Intermediate Creation Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. (LCI-UPV, since 2011).
- The Water Network. Developed by: Aquaspe in Zurich, Suiza. (Since 08/2015)
- Soundcool Network. (Since 2016. It is currently deactivated by creation of a new web)
- Accepted and registered in the AMIT database of women researchers and technologists created by the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists. (Since 2018)
- Phonographist collaborator in “Mapa Sonoro de México”. Developed by Mexican Secretary of Culture (Mexican Gob) and Mexican Fonoteca Nacional. (Since 2018)

- ResearcherID: R-3747-2018


- Fonografist at the Mapa Sonoro de México Project developed by Fonoteca Nacional de México & Mexican Gob. Assignment For Publication/Exhibition: Various Sound Scapes. (México, since 3/2019)
- Invited artist at Ars Sonora radio program. (rNE, National Radio of Spain, 3/2019)
- Sound work selected in the Call of the Association of Electroacoustic Music of Spain "M.Molina" (AMEE, Spain, 2/2019)
- Invited artist in the First International Athena Congress. Women: Artists and Technologists. Escuela Superior Ingeniería Informática, Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos y la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros en Telecomunicaciones en la Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVmap) (Valencia, 6/2018)
- "Kunstradio's celebration of Art's birthday 2018! Art is 1.000.055 years old!". Kunstradio. Assignment For Publication/Exhibition: Various Sound Art Pieces. (Germany, 2018)
- Marató emBARBERat (70 Aniversario). Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana. Centre del Carme Museum of Valencia. (26/10/2018)
- Invited artist at La Casa del Sonido. Second monografic about the work of Rocío Silleras. Radio program (rNE, National Radio of Spain, 20/02/2018)
- Invited artist at La Casa del Sonido. Second monografic about the work of Rocío Silleras. Radio program (rNE, National Radio of Spain, 18/4/2017)
- Individual Exposition Rocío Silleras en el Café Tertulia 1900. Cafe Tertulia. (4/2016)
- RE(((SON)))ANCE Project. Artistic residency granted by SRE, Mexican Government. Excellence Scholarship Program for Foreigners. (México, 9-11/2015)
- Exhibition Muestra de Libros de Artista. In Feria ARTELIBURU21. Arteliburu21, Arteko TALLER, Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, San Telmo Museoa y Tabakalera-Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea. (San Sebastian, 2-19/12/2015)
- LIBRARTE l Feria del libro de Artista. Arts Consulting and Museo del Libro Fadrique de Basilea. (Burgos, 13-15/11/2015)
- XVIª Ed. Festival Nit’s d'Aielo i Art. Sala Sgae-Valencia. (Valencia, 2/3/2013)
- XVIª Ed. Festival Nit’s d'Aielo i Art. Teatro Pradillo. (Madrid, 23/2/2013)
- IIª Ed. Festival La Festa de la Boca. Cant del Cantó. (Valencia, 2013)
- Sound works selected in the Call of the AMEE "CD Homage to Aram Slobodian". Two sound works selected. Ref.: CD Homage to Aram Slobodian. AMEE. (Spain, 2013)
- Iº Ed. Festival La Festa de la Boca: From mouth to mouth. Cant del Cantó. (Valencia, 2012)
- VIIIª Ed. Festival Bouesia. Centre d'Art Terres de l'Ebre. (Tarragona, 02/04/2012-01/07/2012)
- XVª Ed. Festival Nit's d'Aielo i Art. Sporting Club Russafa. (Valencia, 3/2012)
- Exhibition Juegos gráficos. Galería Pasillo, UAM, Xochimilco Unit, Coyoacán, (México DF, 10/2012).
- Exhibition Estampas Ilustrativas para un Cancionero Infantill. Itinerant exhibition curated by Álvaro Aldeguer (Edinburgh and other parts of Europe, 2012)
- Exhibition Proyectos expositivos 2011-12. Museo de Arte Virreinal (Casa Humboldt) Taxco de Alarcón Centro. (México, 30/06/2012-28/07/2012).
- Collaboration at Project. (2012)
- Experimental Music Cycle Herzios: conciertos sobre Arte Sonoro. Clínica Mundana. (Valencia, 9/2011).
- Concert Live electronics with acoustic instruments. JIEM and Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS Madrid, 2011).
- XIVª Ed. Festival Nit's d'Aielo i Art. MUseo Valenciano de Ilustración y la Modernidad. (MUVIM, Valencia, 1/2011).
- Traveling exhibition Estampas Ilustrativas para un Cancionero Infantil. Directed by Álvaro Aldeguer. (Glenrothes, Edimburgh and other places of Scotland, start: 16/6/2011 untill end 2012)
- Exhibition Estampas Ilustrativas para un Cancionero Infantil. Curated by Ana Tomás. Cultural Hall of Quart de Poblet. (Valencia, 8/4/2011-3/5/2011).
- Concert-presentation of the book La mosca tras la oreja. Sgae. Sala Sgae. (Valencia, 29/6/2010).
- XXIª Ed. Festival de Libre Expresión Sonora del Alto Palancia (FLESAP). Auditorio Municipal Salvador Seguí de Segorbe. (Valencia, 6/2010).
- Festival Anem, Anem: La Festa de L'escolta. Ayto. de Gandía, Área de Cultura. Espai d'Art i Jar