Noel Sadicon

Noel Sadicon

Taguig, NCR, Philippines

About Noel Sadicon

Creating is a big part of my life. It was my remedy for an overactive imagination while growing up and its the guide that led me to a career in design. Eventually designing for marketing objectives is no longer enough to satisfy the creative urge, so I recalled dreams of being an artist and picked up the brush and chisel to explore the realm of the fine arts.
My technical background drew me towards a cubist style of expressing various subjects with lavish use of variegated lines, sharp edges of intentional and accidental shapes and layers of transparent tonal values to complete an image. I am very fond of using acrylic ink in my black and white drawings because it can smoothly give the most dramatic dark and subtle layers of grey to complement the lines stroked in different thickness. i use the same wash techniques and cubist style in my watercolor paintings.


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila Philippines