Smiljana Curic

Smiljana Curic

Belgrade, Serbia

About Smiljana Curic

Smiljana was born 1991. in Serbia, where she lives and works.
For the starting point in her work she uses models from nature, various fruits or objects from which, studiously thinking she builts a special art world. Visual impressions caused by models interweave with thoughtful and spiritual facts as well as allusions on cosmic sizes and forms. Thus, for the processing of one chestnut model, for example, the artist records the universality of nature and existence as well as the human inner state as mutually interconnected. The human mind carries a great vastness without borders, full of creations, just like the universe. These creations intertwine each other in permeation because they come from the same source, and art is able to care about objectifying the perceived sparks of the wonders that surround us. Finally, the artist creates this particular world of metaphysics by managing him with personal experiences and aspirations, sort of speaking she tells her own stories inside the eternal stories of existence.


2014. B.A. in Painting from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia
2016. M.A. in Painting from Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
2016. enrolled in Doctoral Art Painting Program at Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia