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Jessie Woodward

Abstraction and the concept of spontaneity forms the basis of Jessie’s instinctive work. Jessie explores the language of paint and mark making to evoke emotions in the viewer; how pure abstract work can generate visual energetic joy and pleasure.



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Fei Alexeli


Pale Dot, The Impression



Allan Watson 

Blimey Charlie


Yuliya Martynova

Blue Bay | Ferrera 


Alec Cumming

Perfect Adventure


Nadia Attura

Monterey Jade


Fujiko Rose

Twilight Study 1


The Other Art Fair Charity Collection benefitting Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding’s artworks bridge seamlessly the imagined worlds and counterculture references we have been led through courtesy of Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy. Drawing on surrealism, dada and neo-expressionism, Noel’s body of work treats us to a feast of colour and a trip through the triangle window into his soul.

Acid mouse wearing crocodile shoes

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