Jim Grundy

Jim Grundy

London, England, United Kingdom

About Jim Grundy

I live and work in London. From the 1980s I have pursued my painting career alongside my career in arts management at the Tate Gallery and more recently at an international fine art shipping company. Over the years both sides have benefitted each other..

My paintings are inspired by the rich and complex patterns found in the natural and built environment.

My paintings can be seen to be in the tradition of hard edged geometric abstraction, but the contrast between the fluid surfaces and areas of intense colour and their relationships are rooted in the observation of the real world.

Travelling often provides the stimulus for new work. One series of paintings was drawn from the colours and rock formations of the great national parks in USA referencing Native American pottery and textile designs. In the same vein, tile patterns and vibrant wall colours from the historic towns of Spain have provided the catalyst for a series of paintings.


I studied Fine Art in UK at Maidstone College of Art in the late 1970s.


Current shows
Palm Beach Art and Design Showroom
Steidel Fine Art stand Oct 2020- Jan 2021

JP Art Galley Online Winter exhibition
Nov-Dec 2020

During 2019-20 I showed a selection of paintings with Steidel Fine Art at Olympia Fine Art in London and Red Dot Miami, part of the Miami Basel art week and Art Palm Beach.


I take part every few years, most recently in 2019, in the Artists Open House, part of the Dulwich Festival in London.

In 2013 I had a solo exhibition at Jeannie Avent Gallery where I showed a large group of recent work comprising 9 canvases and 43 works on paper.

Earlier exhibitions have included group shows at Gallery 47, Morley Gallery, John Jones Gallery and Galerie Dagmar. Solo shows have included The Art Haus, Soho Poly Theatre, and Greenwich Theatre Art Gallery, all in London.