Thom Wolfe

Thom Wolfe

Chicago, IL, United States

About Thom Wolfe

Chicago based collagist, Thom Wolfe, draws upon his career in design to craft a narrative that explores his personal relationships and emotions. His process is one of stream of consciousness, transforming everyday objects into a visual representation of his current state of mind. Often, the themes and meaning of the work only becomes apparent in therapeutic hindsight.


I am celebrating the beauty in life and the turmoil of pandemic. Anxiety and unease pervades our daily lives but as I look out my window nature is in full bloom giving way to new life. It is a time of mixed emotions. And a reminder that life is mostly a matter of perspective. Sometimes we can't control the direction of our lives. I believe in these times we need to acknowledge and embrace this conflict.

This tension is explored in my new series of collages. As the flowers float in a pool of milky-white wax, one wonders, are they drowning like Ophelia or are they emerging from the depths, reborn? For me they are both, depending on the moment. Sometimes happy, a lovely blossoming of color and love. And sometimes sad, like water nymphs with a beautiful song ready to lead me below.


Thom has exhibited his collages in New York and Chicago. His commercial work has garnered numerous awards. Most notably are his contributions to the Grammy Award-winning packaging for Madonna and the Grammy-nominated packaging for the Smashing Pumpkins.


2018 If Not For Unrequited Love, I Would Never Have Known Love At All
The Other Art Fair, Chicago
Sept 28-30

2017 Strange, Beautiful & Sad
The Other Art Fair, NYC
June 1-4

2013 Calamity
Chicago Art Department
May 10