Catherine Graffam

Catherine Graffam

Portland, ME, United States

About Catherine Graffam

I am an artist and educator based in Portland, Maine. I received my BFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2015, and since have shown work internationally both in museums and galleries. I was named one of 2017's "Remarkable Women" by NH Magazine, which is pretty cool. Most recently, I was profiled in The Jealous Curator’s new book A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!), interviewed in TIME magazine on transgender issues, and had my work accepted into the permanent collection of the Library of Congress.

Currently, I am an adjunct faculty member within the Art & Design department at Lasell University. I am also an InterACT Youth Member as well as an executive committee member for the Boston LGBTQ+ Artist Alliance.

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New Hampshire Institute of Art 2011-2015, Concentration in Fine Art with Printmaking Minor