jorge Rivas

jorge Rivas

Allentown, PA, United States

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Jorge Rivas, American -Venezuelan painter, was born in the decade of the sixties at caracas, He's Resident in the city of new York, imposing one work of type figurative-abstract conceptual of wide chromatic, unlimited
Using a skill proto paste gross, formidably creatively and possibly of vanguard and innovator. he realizes Big formats and some Enormous others in size in different materials, context diverse subject-matters and topics of some big Masters.
he aspires to extend intensely his work and reach the summit of a public acknowledgement ... works tirelessly inside a dynamics of exaltation and an inspiration Supreme.

Roberto Rivas Solis
Poet and art critics
new York city
Jorge Rivas

Neuro-Optical Contemplative, It is a new way that I invented to can paint,and to do it different way, although the kinetic experiences, invite to walk the art work or has to move around their to be able to appreciate well the movements or the Vibrations of the work and the experiences of the Op Art create Distortions or confusion in the eyes, I invite you ,to Reflect contemplating the Art work, it requires to see fixed an image in this circular case that represents the Infinite Universe and to transfer that image to the next circular image that serves as projector of the First image, it is a wonderful A contemplative visual experience where his eyes actively participate, provoking a feeling of reflection and participation, at the same time that are healing experiences, contemplating the work in alive, multiply it in a superlative degree the experience, the works I paint manually ,are in acrylic on canvas.
Welcome to my Next Exhibition at the Other Fair of Saatchi Gallery in Brooklyn New York June 1 - 4 2017 ,thanks for Coming.


dedicated actor, from the adolescence, I am employed at the radio, television and theater Venezuelan for 15 years, dedicated painter autodidact, he has learned of the great Masters, observing his works in the big museums of the world, assiduous visitor of the Museum of modern art of new york and the metropolitan


ETS Princeton Campus Gallery .NJ.
Solo Exhibition ,
Sep 15 October 31 - 2019.

Gallery ,ArtistRun Gallery
Forms & opposite march 7 to 21 ,2105
3631 22nd St. Long Island City
New York 11106
Phone: 718-806-1136
Fax: 718-764-1710
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Peru- Lima March 2015
Expoart Fair NewYork april 2015
Art Berlin may 2015


2008 international center gallery Miami ,usa
2009 show ,Feria internacional de Miami usa ,Nahman gallery
2010,show ,showplace antique center,Nahman gallery,new york, U.S.A
2010 ,show ,Jorge Rivas Gallery ,Show place antique center,Manhattan,New York.
2011, show ,Art Paris 2011,Grand Palais, Paris Francia ,Saatchi Gallery.
2011 ,art in mind ,brick lane gallery ,august 7-12 ,London ,England.
2011,show ,Agora gallery ,new york ,february ,august and september
2011 Latin American Show ,Master Of the Imagination ,Agora gallery
new York 09 2011
2012,Altamira Tennis Club gallery ,May 2012,Caracas -Venezuela
Art Takes Times Square with artist Wanted ,new York ny,july 2012
2012 . pro arts studio tour jersey city October 8 -15 2012
2012. 66 Biennial salon michelena ,october- december ,Valencia Venezuela
. award
Artslant Winner showcase Round 1 ,2010 Round 3 1 ,2011.Round 1 2012
Art Competition international,Chelsea ,new york ,2011 ,award aerial
view. Group.
Saatchi online ,art paris winner,participation ,grand palais art paris

2014 ,Montserrat gallery ,Chelsea ny city, feb 27 march 10 , 2014
2014 July 2- 15 International Show Nina Torres Gallery ,Miami Fl.
Next Exhibition Oct 2 2014 - - 2 International Biennial contemporary art ,Buenos Aires Argentina .
Art Miami Spectrum dec 2- 7 2014 .R&k Proyects Studios
Forms and the Opposite ,Artist Run Gallery,New York ,March 2015
Selection Group Nars Foundation ,april 2015 ,Brooklyn,NY.
The Jersey City Art & Studio tour,New Jersey , oct 2015,USA.
Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour nov 2015,New Jersey ,USA.

,april 21- 24 ,2017
The Other Fair Of Saatchi Gallery june 1 - 4 ,Brooklyn New York 2017 .

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