Entre Nous

United Kingdom

Size: 61 H x 57.1 W x 1.6 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic

Entre nous, 155cm x 145cm, Acrylic on canvas,2007
Description: In this paining, I come back to the womb which is about the relationship and pregnancy. I refer to the anatomy of the womb that includes ovaries and uterine tubes. A long stem of bramble like the umbilical cord linked to maternal body shows the tension between the mother -daughter relationship. The small waves show the vibration of pulling the wire and the wobbling hormone activity. Here the womb plays a beautiful lust in the relationship, but at the same time, the chances of pregnancy become a heavy burden.

Keywords: body, surrealism, womb, women, abstract painting , contemporary art, cartoon, dream, expressionism, fantasy, flower, narrative

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