Digital File Sizes and Prints

Saatchi Art currently offers :

The aspect ratio, or shape, of the digital image determines the smallest print size for your artwork. If your digital image’s shape is square you will need at a minimum a 2100 pixel x 2100 pixel digital file in order to sell prints.

The best practice is to use photo editing software, such as Picasa or iPhoto or Photoshop, and give the digital file of your artwork the same shape (or aspect ratio) that matches the original. If you do not use photo editing software, your digital file will remain at the aspect ratio of the camera that is used to capture the image.

If the aspect ratio of the digital image falls between the standards noted above, the image will be put into the grouping to which it is the closest. For example, a 15” x 14” (2250 pixels x 2100 pixels) digital image with an aspect ratio of 1.07:1 would be put in the 14”x14” print category. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the artist to manually choose which shape the image will be printed nor specific sizes that will be offered for sale: these are automatically determined based on the shape and size of the digital image. But by using the crop tool (see below) you can limit the number of sizes offered.

Print Pricing

Saatchi Art gives the artist final control over print pricing within a specified range of prices. However, we strongly recommend that artists use the Saatchi recommended price. The recommended prices are set by looking at the competitive market for open edition prints and positioning the Saatchi print product within the marketplace.

At a maximum, the artist can set print prices to either 2 (for print sizes with a recommended price >$300) or 3 (for print sizes with a recommended price <$300) times the recommended price. For example, an 8” x 10” print could be priced to a maximum of $177.00 and a 36” x 36” print could be priced to a maximum of $618.00.

When you upload your work, you are given the ability to set the price of the smallest print size in your selection. The prices of the other print sizes will be adjusted accordingly.

Print Crop and Gallery Canvas Wrap Border

If you upload an image that is not the exact shape that matches our print groupings we give you the ability to choose the crop. Unless you change the crop, the uploaded image as displayed in the crop tool is with the default crop that will be used to print. If this does not meet your satisfaction adjust the print crop until you are satisfied with the image that will be printed: please keep in mind that if you want to print all available sizes, you cannot crop to below the largest print size available in the selection.

For canvas prints - the 1.25" edges of the canvas that wraps the wooden frame and visible from the side will either be black or white. The default selection is black, please select white if that is your preference.

Print Quality

Fine Art Paper – Our Fine Art Paper is made for Saatchi, to our specifications, in Europe. It has a natural white finish with a slightly structured, soft-textured surface, equivalent to a traditional watercolor or etching paper. No bleach is used for whitening. The open and absorbent surface is sealed with a matte receptive coating, designed for high quality fine art and soft photographic reproduction, consistent with inkjet Giclée technology.

Each Fine Art Paper Print carries an additional 3” white paper border. For example, if a 16” x 20” image is ordered, the outside trim size of the paper will be 22” x 26”.


  • 310 GSM
  • 100% Cotton linters (short fibers)
  • Soft Color Fidelity
  • Archival quality

Gallery Photo Paper - Our Gallery Photo Paper is made for Saatchi, and to our specifications, in Europe. It is a resin coated paper base, and is scuff and finger print resistant. It has a bright white finish with a smooth unstructured, un-textured surface. Satin luster Finish.

Each Gallery Photo Paper Print carries a 1/16” white border to facilitate ready-made framing. If a 16” x 20” item is ordered, the buyer will receive a 16” x 20” image size, with an outside trim size equaling 16 1/8” x 20 1/8”.


  • Weight: 260g/m2
  • Thickness: 10 mil
  • Brightness: 93.87%
  • Opacity: 96.44
  • Full Sharp Color Fidelity
  • Surface: Luster

Canvas Prints – Our canvas prints are museum grade Giclée reproductions. Every Saatchi Online canvas is matte textured (20.5 mil), bright white, poly-cotton blend with no additives and no agents. The Giclée ink jet receptor is specifically designed for the reproduction of acrylic and oil based pigments. We use state-of-the-art digital “droplet on demand” archival quality pigmented ink technology, capable of reproducing more than 36,000,000 unique possible colors. Our kiln dried, knot free, finger jointed wood stretcher bars are hand cut and assembled to Saatchi’s thirty standard sizes. All of our wood comes from renewable forests, for a planet friendly art reproduction. Our canvases are adhered to the stretcher bars using a patent pending “Sure Grip” process. The unique rubber washer provides an even, expandable tension, which allows the canvas to breath, avoiding “canvas wrinkling”. Stretched and ready to hang or frame. Each canvas is coated with a UV protective layer designed specifically for our canvas and ink, protecting from scratches and sunlight.

Limited Edition Prints

Currently, Saatchi Art only sells open edition prints through its print service. Artists are free to sell their own limited editions prints . Please use the “I want to sell the original” feature and use the Description field to describe the edition.

Print License

When you agree to make your artwork available for Saatchi prints, you are giving Saatchi Art a non-exclusive license to reproduce your artwork. If you remove an artwork from Saatchi Art, the print license you have granted Saatchi Art will terminate as of the date the artwork is removed. For further information please refer to the Terms of Service: