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Decorating with Prints

Art prints are a terrific choice for college students, renters, first-time home owners, parents decorating a child’s bedroom or nursery, and others whose living space and/or furnishings are liable to change in the coming years. Also, those new to purchasing and decorating with artwork who are still in the process of discovering and defining their stylistic tastes and preferences may choose to purchase prints before investing in original artwork. Explore our immense selection of art prints for sale by style and subject to find the perfect work for your space. Obviously, the print’s color palette, artistic style, and subject matter are important to consider when decorating, but the style of frame also plays an important role in showcasing and protecting the artwork as well as helping it harmonize with the furniture, objects, and overall mood of the space. To help you get started, browse our expertly-curated collection of art prints today. 

Gifting with Art Prints

Consider art prints if you’re looking for a gift for an art/photography lover and/or those fond of a particular subject commonly celebrated in art such as nature, animals, music, food, romance, and famous/historical personalities. A Saatchi Art print will not only make a unique and thoughtful gift, but it will also introduce your art-loving recipient to an up-and-coming artist whose career they may be interested in following. Browse our vast selection of art prints for sale by style and subject to find the perfect work for your gift recipient. Also, all unframed open edition prints purchased from Saatchi Art can be returned within seven days of receipt if your recipient isn’t fully satisfied. (Please note, however, that framed prints are final sale items.) For help getting started, browse our expertly-curated collection of art prints today. 

History of Prints

The invention of the printing press was truly revolutionary for how it provided both written information and images, previously only accessible to an elite few, to the general public. This democratization of written and visual information changed the cultural landscape, and the art world was no exception. With the advent of photography, the visual arts became even more accessible to all. For example, even someone of very humble means was able to hang Pablo Picasso prints on his/her wall. In the 1960s, pop-art giant Andy Warhol made the concept of mass-produced printed materials and celebrity personas a focal point in his work, using commercial printing methods to make reproducible art. The torch was carried on by famed guerilla street artists like Shepard Fairey and Robbie Conal who’ve posted prints of their original artwork in highly visible areas in cities around the world, further stressing the importance of making art available to a wider, non-elite community.