, solitude stands in the doorway.

solitude stands in the doorway.

Size: 12 H x 18 W x 0.2 in

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Art Description

Photography: Black & White

Size: 12 H x 18 W x 0.2 in

In the paths that I travel deep in nature in the North American desert I encountered this scene, these type of shots or scenes last very short times, the clouds are travelling fast, leaving windos of light that are extremely short to grasp, one must set fast and be ready to grab several shots until 1 single one happens in a spec of time, this is the result of many shots to achieve this unique visual, a view into infinity that elevates and inspires, a visual from far away.

Keywords: solitude, storm, vast, b&w, navajo, dark, desert, dream, fantasy, horizon, nature

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