Johnny Popkess

Johnny Popkess

London, Europe, United Kingdom

About Johnny Popkess

Born in London, Johnny spent much of his early life in various fairly remote parts of Africa, developing a fondness for beauty in its most natural state - as things really are, rather than as they are often made to appear. This early, exotic isolation fed a great desire to travel widely and experience a world of blemished beauty, culminating in a move to the heart of Paris, within a stone's throw of the Sorbonne, the Louvre and my neighbour, the Musee d'Orsay, from where a love of art proved irresistible.

2017 was his debut year as a professional artist, one that saw his first solo exhibitions. Johnny’s work is now hung in an ever growing group of fine art galleries throughout the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, UAE and South Africa, with recent exhibitions in Antwerp and Miami and Boston.


Solo exhibitions in tier one galleries in Paris, London, Montreal, Johannesburg and Antwerp. Widely sold works in the United States and the Middle East.