Julia Hacker

Julia Hacker

Toronto, ON, Canada

About Julia Hacker

Julia Hacker is Toronto based multidisciplinary artist, Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists and Society of Canadian Artists. Her artwork is represented by galleries in Canada and the USA and internationally collected.

Julia says, "My art and my life are intertwined. My desire to learn how to live in the moment, how to truly be present and search for awareness is the lifelong quest that I cherish. It is a state of consciousness when I feel appreciation and humbleness and interconnectedness with the universe, that I strive to express in the process of the evolution of my art.
Perhaps, that is the reason why my work is so diverse-from landscapes to abstracts to fashion collages. I feel no mandate of a specific subject as an artist. We all a part of one, no matter how different we may seem, and the content is only a vehicle to convey the essence.

My creative process is very intense. I live vigorously through my work. Every painting is an experience of the relationship between me and canvas, and sometimes it is a love affair, sometimes a finding a perfect friend, sometimes a long conversation with a stranger, where you can open yourself, be vulnerable, without shame, knowing that you will never meet again.

Julia Hacker is :
Member of Ontario Society of Canadian Artists and Canadian Society of Artists.

Press release :
Aurorian Magazine Mar 28, 2018, on solo show Botanica
Pink Panther Magazine issue 24, 2016
Bold Brush Painting Competition Winners Feb 2015
Outstanding acrylic http://faso.com/boldbrush/winner/81932
Interview publication Jan 20, 2015
Luxuries Magazine Dec 2014
Borealis Magazine pages 72-75 Nov 2014
Art Expo, N.Y. April 8, 2014
Featured artist March 6, 2013
Video Interview for Lioness Women Club, Toronto Feb 2013
Rogers TV, Daytime Toronto Toronto Jan 30, 2013
Book publication “Incite, Dreams Realized,”
The Best of Mixed Media! 2013
The Artist Showcase 2013
American Art Collector magazine, September issue 2012
Art For Cancer Foundation,
NY Arts magazine 2012


Art Education and Training

“The Splendour of Colour” colour theory workshop with Carol McIntyre 2013
Academy of Realistic Art 2011 Canada
Project: Art 2009- 2012 Toronto,
under the guidance of Ewa Stryjnik
Masters in Fashion Design 1985 Belarus

Art-related Professional Experience
member of the Planning Committee, Hermitage Foundation of Canada 2012-Present
Private art classes -instructor 2013-Present


The Artist Project 2020
The Artist Project 2019
The Better Living Center, Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON
Feb 21-24, 2019

The Artist Project Toronto Apr 28,2018 Aurora cultural center. ON
Feb.11. 2017 Artworld Fine Arts Gallery Toronto
Feb.23. 2017 The Artist Project Toronto
Apr. 2016 Art Expose, Hogs Hollow, Toronto


Art exhibitions

Feb 2020 The Artist Project Toronto
Mar-May 2018 solo show "Botanica"
Aurora Cultural Centre
Feb 2018 The Artist Project Toronto
Dec 2018 Spectrum Miami
Feb -Apr 2017 Artworld Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto
Feb 2017 Artworld Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto
Apr. 2016 Art Expose, Hogs Hollow, Toronto
Apr.2015 Art Expo NY, NY, USA
Dec. 2014 “My Garden” Gallery1313, Toronto
Feb.- 2013 “The Wonderment of Life” Toronto Wychwood Barns Community Gallery

Shows and Exhibitions:
Feb 2017 The Artist Project, Toronto
July 2016 Colour and Form Society Toronto
Apr 2016 Suspension and motion, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Apr 2016 Art Expo, NY
Feb 2016 the Artist Project, Toronto
Sept 2016 TOAE, Toronto
Apr 2015 Connecting Canadian Artists Spring Show, ARTA gallery, Toronto
Feb 2015 The Artist Project, Toronto
Oct 2014 Art Square Cafe and Gallery,
Apr 2014 Art Expo New York
Feb 2014 The Artist Project, Toronto
Dec 2013 Spectrum Miami, Florida
Apr 2013 Art Expo Toronto
Oct 2012 Art Expo Ottawa
Oct 2012 Gallery1313, The Canadian landscape