Bjørnar Aaslund

Bjørnar Aaslund

Lena, Oppland, Norway

About Bjørnar Aaslund

Bjørnar Aaslund is an abstract painter who likes to define his work as memories of non-existent landscapes.

Through the destruction of the subject where composition and perspective are broken down into rhythms, surfaces and brush strokes, Aaslund focuses on the intuitive reading of nature and his own surroundings.

By using repetitions, different directions in brush strokes as well as different depth effects, he creates abstract landscapes that alternate between something recognisable and at the same time completely unknown.
Always working from memory, Aaslund combines what he has seen with subjective experiences and moods, approaching different landscapes in an abstract language, with layer upon layer of color, some transparent, others opaque, forming the substance of the paintings.

Based in Norway, Bjørnar Aaslund is a member of the NBK (Norwegian Visual Artists Association)


2003 - 2005 Einar Granum Art School, Oslo, Norway.


Upcoming exhibitions:

2020 Fitzrovia Gallery, London ( May ) postponed.
2021 Peder Balke Senteret, Norway


Solo Exhibitions.

2019 Galleri FUGE, Kauffeldtgården, Gjøvik
2019 Galleri Klevjer/ Hole Artcenter.
2019 Norsk Skogmuseum, Elverum.
2017 Raufoss Gård, Raufoss
2017 Hoe Artcenter, Hole
2016. Kihlegalleriet, Horten og Borre Kunstforening
2015. Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar
2015. Kaufeldtgården, Gjøvik Kunstforening
2014. Gallery Grette, Hov i Land Kunstforening.
2013. Raufoss Gård, Toten Kunstforening, Raufoss
2011. Gallery Odonata, Fornebu, Bærum
2011. Gallery Labro, Kongsberg
2010. Gallery Svae, Gjøvik

Group Exhibitions

2018 Prosesser, Toten Kunstforening
2017 Lions Club, Nordstrand, Oslo
2017 Hole Artcenter
2016. Oslofjorden Kunstsenter, Drøbak
2015. Imago Mundi Norway, Kunstnernes Hus,Oslo
2015. Hole Artcenter, Nes i Hole
2015. Gallery Henrik Gerner, Moss
2010. Mjøsmuseet, Gallery Svae, Gjøvik
2005. Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo, Einar Granum

Art Fairs

2019 The Other Art Fair, London, UK
2016 The Artbox Project, Art Miami, USA

Public commission

2019 Chandler Hotel Suites, AZ, USA
2019 Embassy Suites, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
2019 Merrywood on the Park, Charlotte, North Carolina,
2018 Town Royal Palm, Florida, USA
2018 Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks, Maine, USA
2016. Fertilitetsklinikken, Oslo
2015. Brødrene Jacobsen Vinbar, Hamar
2015. Stortorget Gjestgiveri, Hamar
2015. Finstadtunet Alders og Sykehjem, Ski Kommune.
2014. Toten Hotell, Bøverbru
2013. Toten Kunstforening
2013. Hotel Villa Feniks, Pula, Croatia
2006. Fertilitetsklinikken, Oslo