Alvina Denisenko

Alvina Denisenko

Rostov-on-Don, Russia

About Alvina Denisenko

I was born in Russia. I'm 30 years old. And art is purpose of life for me. My creative work directs to problems of conflict between visual environment and human. We never stop to feel our pain and loneliness. But person, who has wound from outer circumstances and personal mistakes, doesn't stop to be a beautiful and a wonderful. God creates human as a free. It means - we have hope of better life.
It is a main conception of the my creative work. In preference I create my works, using graphic technics. I take up photography, graphic design and painting textile.


2004-2011 - Southern Federal University (Faculty of Design and Arts). Chair of Applied Arts. Specialization - Textiles


2018 - Selections from the artworks uploaded on Emergent Art Space
2018 - Emergent Art Space, A series of avant-garde portraits "Hope"
2018 - The Heroine's Journey, Interview
2016 - The newspaper "Donskaya Iskra", Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2016, 2017 - Catalog of the Inter-regional exhibition "Art-Rostov", Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2009 - Almanac "The Golden Stanza", Moscow, Russia


2018 - International Exhibition "Art-Geography", Kazan
2016, 2017 - Participant of the exhibition Art-Rostov
2016 - Winner of Russian Art Week in St. Petersburg (in the category of the avant-garde portrait)
2016 - Member of the 1st All-Russian Exhibition on the ferry "Liner"
2015 - Winner of the contest "Best of the Year" by Project VATIKAM, Paris (in the category of illustration)
2015 - personal exhibition of graphic arts "Without dreams, without tears and hello" space Dial, Rostov-on-Don
2015 - Participation in the group exhibition "I stepped on your art", cinema Petrel, Rostov-on-Don
2014 - Winner of the contest "Best of the Year" by Project VATIKAM, Paris (in the category of illustration)
2014 - Personal exhibition of photographs "The Angel of the consumer society", free space Dial, Rostov-on-Don
2013 - Finalist "Light and Architecture" in Moscow, Pinwin
2011 - participant of Ukrainian Art Week in Kiev
2010 - nominated for the competition of degree works in Moscow
2009 - Publication in the anthology "Golden stanza"
2007 - Diploma of the third degree for participation in the contest "Photographica Rostov-DEZIGNE» (nomination - documentary photos)
2007 - Winner of the exhibition-contest of young artists Don "Colours of Life"
2006 - Diploma of the 2nd degree for participation in All-Russian competition of graphics in Kazan
2006 - Finalist Photo Contest "Alternative"
2005 - Participation in the art project dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the "Yugtehkomplekt" companies (creating paintings of rural subjects)