The Virgin of the Olives (From the Olive Ladies series) Drawing by Angie Del Riego

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal, Paint, Paper, Pastel, Ink on Paper, Other.

My new series is born: “The Olive Ladies”. The magical, female figures within the trees are expressing the joy of freedom found in being a woman and accepting our complexities, the power of our sexuality, the gift of maternity and the philosophical significance of women as producers of fruit and givers of life. Women are a lot like olive trees: we have been around since the beginning of time, remaining the same in many ways and adapting from love; producing olives no matter what and turning the world around through thick and thin. In my new home in Extremadura (south Spain), I enjoy walking and running through the hilly country-side and olive groves. I became fascinated with the olive trees, especially their trunks that grow in rugged, organic twists and turns. From gnarled bark to verdant leaves, they seem to hide their ancient background which goes back several hundred years or even longer. Even though they don’t tower as tall as other trees, their age makes me feel…small. They live in perfect light green rows and only from a distance do they seem tiny. When you come close, face to face with just one of them, you can appreciate their uniqueness found in their individuality: no one single olive tree looks like the next! I spend hours on gestural drawings, each time witnessing how they become more organic and more alive. So alive that I began to see shapes that were more like graceful, mythical women. This fantastic realization ignited an inspiration I have been missing for years and it was there in the amazing form of olive trees. What I longed to enjoy as an artist is right in front of me in this exhibit of nature: imagination, creativity and freedom. The more I draw, the more it develops into unique, original pieces that come alive in different mediums. I am continuing my olive saga, enjoying where it takes me and sharing the inspiration with you and the world.



The Virgin of the Olives (From the Olive Ladies series)

Angie Del Riego



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