Cali- Jorge Calderon

Cali- Jorge Calderon

SAN CARLOS, CA, United States

About Cali- Jorge Calderon

Cali’s unconventional paintings are intended to be a collaboration between artist and audience. Like a mirror, each artwork is a visual prompt that evolves based on the viewer's own personal experience and emotional/intellectual/physical reaction.

Influenced by a mixture of impressionist, fauvist, figurative expressionist, street art and abstraction art movements, Cali’s style is characterized by uncommon color palettes, distinct variation of lines, open brushwork and range of texture.

Typically working in acrylic on larger format canvases, his subjects and themes often combine current global events with his own life challenges and successes as an immigrant, student, professional, partner and parent. Currently based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Cali (aka Jorge M. Calderon) is well travelled and draws inspiration from the many communities he’s visited, or lived in, across the US and around the world.

His work has received recognition through various events and exhibitions, including a recent notable selection by the de Young Museum to be part of their 2020 de Young Open gallery exhibition.


2020 Nov.-Jan. Marin Society of Artists, Marin, CA
Fresh Art 2020: Climate Truth vs. Denial

2020 Nov.-Jan. Arts Benicia; Benicia, CA
Get the Message: Words and Images; juried group exhibition, artwork: Climate Truth vs. Denial.

2020 Oct.-Nov. Light Space & Time Art Gallery
10th Annual Landscapes; juried group exhibition; artwork: Golden View.

2020 Oct.-Jan. de Young Museum, SF, CA
de Young Open; juried group exhibition; artwork: When?

2020 Oct.-Nov. Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
Political Discourse; juried group exhibition; artwork: Be For All.

2020 Sept.-Oct. Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA
6th Annual Figures and Faces: juried group exhibition; artwork: When?

2020 July-Aug.
Summer 2020 Portfolio Art Show; juried group exhibition; artwork: Golden View.

2020 July-Aug. California Art Club, Los Angeles, CA
Our World Reimagined; juried group exhibition; artwork: Alongside Poverty.