GyoBeom An

GyoBeom An

Gyeonggi-do, Gwangju city, South Korea

About GyoBeom An

I was born in 1973, and my parents were farmer. I went Art- Collage to be an artist, and now, I live for father, husband, and worker. I feel all the emotions such as pleasure, sadness, anger, and joyful like everyone does; but also, I sometimes got conflict to live.
One day, I got used to unmanageable society; and, painting was the only way that I can fill a lack of maladjustment, and fulfill my dream. Read Less


Sejong University


2018. AHAF SEOUL 2018-(Knot Gallery)
2018. 2018BAMA Busan Annual MarKet of Art-(ilho
2018. Published by World Art Wide Art Book
2019.Taffer journal/Archive for Editoriali(United
2019. tvn drama "her personal life"(South Korea)-a
sponsorship of works
2019 AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR Singapore-Gallery iLHO


Solo Exhibition.

2003. beat to a jelly. Gallery Sun and Moon.
2009. An Kyo Beom. In Art Space Yule.
2018. An Kyo Beom. galleryilho.
2018. express feelings. gallery KNOT.
2019. express feelings. H Contemporary Gallery.
2019."An Gyo Beom" exhibition, BILLY WORKS
2020 "An Gyo Beom" exhibition(face emotion). CYART SPACE
2020. FACE. gallery KNOT.
2021. FACE .H Contemporary Gallery.
2021. I'm just like everyone else. CSY Gallery

Group Exhibition.

2019. SEEA 2019 H Contemporary Gallery
2019. FREAK, SEOUL-frottage gallery
2018. Exhibition come across a dream-(galleryilho)
2017. Exhibition between the sky and the sky-
(eunpyung Culture&Arts Center)
2017. 126th Getsome Exhibition, "USOME 29th"(Luda
2016. "WORKS ON PAPER" Brick Lane Gallery /
2016. "ART IN MIND;REVISITED" Brick Lane Gallery /
--------There were more than twenty other exhibitions.