James Moore

James Moore

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

About James Moore

My paintings explore our snowballing detachment from the real world within a visual culture of ever increasing simulacra. The scenes that I depict are dream-like, being the product of imagination and inner-space more than any directly observed reality. I montage painted imagery into the pictorial space, playing with the pressing media through which our visual landscape is composed.

These works are explorations of hypereality, representation, virtual imagery, mimesis and simulacra, and how the interplay of these things can be explored in the conventions of painting. To me, the larger part of painting practice has historically been an exploration of inner space, a landscape of the mind.

My work has evolved from a kind of straight forward photo-realist style into a painting technique that plays with mimicry. Painting, in my view, has always been about fakery – about synthesising the world into a plastic space. It has little to do with transcribing direct observations onto canvas, instead it is a process of mimicking media, cutting and sampling.

I’m interested in a subversion of the role of a painter of realistic imagery. The only truth to be found in my work is subjective - the paintings are of subjects that are usually either fake, don't really exist, or are impossible to see in the flesh, but that still have a collective reality amongst groups of people. They act as a pointer to the plastic, simulated space that we increasingly inhabit. I often use source material that is a bad copy of the ‘real’, such as a museum diorama or computer game. I’m interested in exploiting the falseness of painting and mediated representations, and investigating a kind of melancholy that I feel when confronted with the apparently total embracement our culture has for the virtual, the simulation, the construct.


MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design
BA Fine Art, Manchester Metropolitan University


2018 - Into A Light, Saatchi Gallery

2014 - International residency programme at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria


2019 - The Penultimate Truth, Elysium, Swansea
2019 - Rumblestrip, g39, Cardiff
2019 - The Jacksons Painting Prize, London
2019 - Brex-kit, Creekside Project, London
2019 - Paint Dada, Oriel Canfas, Cardiff
2018 - RUG, Cardiff
2018 - Abstract:Reality, Saatchi Gallery, London
2018 - Into a Light, Saatchi Gallery, London
2018 - BEEP Painting Prize, Swansea
2018 - Nightswimming, Mission Gallery, Swansea
2018 - London Art Fair
2017 - Like the Lines of a Hand, Paper Gallery, Manchester
2017 - Island of the Real, Gossamer Fog, London
2016 - The Cat Show, Paper Gallery, Manchester
2016 - Y Lle Celf, National Eisteddfod, Wales
2016 - The Human Condition, East Street Arts, Leeds
2016 - Art Copenhagen, Denkmark
2016 - Sound & Vision, Paper Gallery, Manchester
2016 - Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare part III, Dean Clough, Halifax
2016 - London Art Fair, Paper Gallery, London
2015 - [dis]Corporate Bodies 11, The Unstitute
2015 - artists@WAR, GalleryELL
2015 - The Manchester Contemporary
2015 - Art Copenhagen, Denkmark
2015 - Generation Loss, Paper Gallery, Manchester
2015 - KÖLNER LISTE, Cologne
2015 - London Art Fair, Paper Gallery, London
2014 - Counter Worlds, Futures Gallery, Cardiff
2014 - Exchange Rates, Sluice Art Fair, Paper Gallery, New York