Jochen van Dijk

Jochen van Dijk

Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands

About Jochen van Dijk

Jochen van Dijk is a Dutch-based wildlife and landscape photographer. He strives to capture the urban experience of cities, animal encounters and the emotional connection with different cultures in images which translate these emotions to a clear visual voice. The goal is to bring a observable connecting message that can move people in any way possible. This is his motivation to push harder and harder every time he presses that shutter.

The problem in this modern world is there’s a huge amount of visual content. Maybe even too much… By the internet it’s simple to share all of these experiences with so many people worldwide. Though good pictures make up for likes on Facebook, Instagram or pretty iPhone wallpapers, in the end it’s about one simple critique: if I personally have only one wall to decorate… would I put this up?

Jochen fiercely believes that the answer to this question is trivial. He favors a fine-art style, choosing to appeal to buyers of framed photography, because a well executed picture framed and hanging on a wall or printed in a book has more impact than on a webpage. In his opinion, print is the ultimate destination for any image. Even in this digital world we live in.