Leah Blits

Leah Blits

Amsterdam, Noord-Hollands, Netherlands

About Leah Blits

Born in Amsterdam in 1988, Leah Blits comes from a family of artists. She found early inspiration in the work of her mother, Mieke Blits, a ceramics artist, as well as the the works of the Expressionists and Surrealists. Blits studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Ghent, Belgium, where she received her Bachelor's degree cum laude in 2012, and her Master's cum laude in 2014. In 2012 Blits formed the INK collective with fellow student Nadia Preys. Proceeding from their shared interest in reintegrating the sublime into art, Preys and Blits dedicated INK to confronting the hyper-financialized and spiritually-vacant nature of the contemporary art scene. In furtherance of this goal, Blits paintings seek to create an immersive affective experience, and to reintegrate feminine forms of spirituality and generative power into a medium defined by its patriarchal tendencies. As YFA artist and curator Abby Jackson writes of Blits' work: “She explains what it is to be she.”

atrist statement
'My works arise from the creative process itself; the natural laws of re- birth and re-fresh. In search for the true center of gravity of our times. For Arts sake.. to be free and receive that which is coming; infinite lines to different planes of reality. Bridging the opposing energies of matter and spirit.'


2013 -Master in Fine Arts- painting, Royal Academy of
Fine Arts (KASK), Ghent (distinction)

2011 -Bachelor in Fine Arts- painting, Royal Academy of
Fine Arts (KASK), Ghent (distincion)


2015 Das Experiment, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 may, FYA- Young Feminist Artists, The Old Baths Hackney, London

2014 'Belguim: the class of 2013', World Trade Center

2014 The Hague Art Gallery, The Hague

2013 'Obscura', Eddie the Eagle museum, Amsterdam

2013 'Vorm me', Martin van Blerk Galery, Antwerp

2013 Kaskweek, materpresentations, KASK, Ghent

2013 'La Vie Mode d'Emploi', zwarte zaal, Ghent
curated by Wim Waelput

2012 BOTW groepsexpo, Stadsdeelkantoor Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam

2012 Exhibition 3th bachelor painting, KASK, Ghent

2011 'Lame Brain Paradise', Galerij Kunst-Zicht, Ghent

2011 Exhibition 2nd bachelor painting, KASK, Ghent