MB Magali Batté Gauthier

MB Magali Batté Gauthier

Metz, Grand EST, France

About MB Magali Batté Gauthier

"Creativity is the baseline to build researches both in science and in art."

Magali is an artist working in Lorraine, Grand Est courntry, France. Magali is graduated with a PhD in Sciences (Chemistry and Microbiology) and a master in Environmental sciences. Later, she studied painting at the ESAL, Art school of Lorraine in Metz, where she found a major interest in the oil painting technics of old masters such as Bosch or Vermeer. She inspires by artists such as Caillebotte, Pissaro, Signac, Hooper

Since 2015, she has focused on art, creating art dedicated to the biospher preservation and the share of the planet between all living forms, esploring diverse range of subjects from wildlife, to children and land or cityscape. Her subjects are often lighted by a mysterical source and surrounded by a darkness shadow, giving her work the magic of an epiphany.

"I'm working on the sharing and the global warming. Recently, I mainly work on the look of animals and trees on humans."

" I studied environmental sciences in France, UK and Canada,(oceanography than in bacterial ecology in waters ...). At the same time, I used to praticed art on my own since ... always !"

"Thanks to the birthes of my children, I realised that art was the way that feets me the most to express my sensitivity to ecology."


Art :
- Art school of Metz ESAL : evening class (Metz, France, 2009-2018) with Julien Chavès
- Watercolor class in Côte des Neiges CCL (Montreal, Canada) with Jacques Racette 1999-2001
Sciences :
- PhD - environmental sciences (France & Canada) 2001
- Master - environmental sciences (France) 1996
- a great oceanography training period ! Southampton (UK) 1996


2021 March 20-21st & 27-28th Parcours d'artiste Metz, collective exhibition of all the studios in Metz downtown, France. https://parcoursdartistes.org
2020, december-2021, january : Domaine Oury Schreiber Winery storehouse personnal exhibition,
*free access to visit my artwork studio during december, for the Christmas Artists Careers events in Metz, France. (Parcours d'artistes association)
*october 5th - December 4th Personnal Exhibition "Blues Up Up Up ..." in Espace Mobilite, Place de la république, Metz
*september 28-29th Ars'tiste2019, Ars sur Moselle, France
*september 7th-8th MAC2019, Metzervisse, France
* June 1st-16th ART'stom collective exhibition , Nancy, France
* march 18-19th : Parcours d'artiste Metz, collective exhibition of all thet studios in Metz downtown, France

* December 8-9th : Collective exhibition by the SACL society.Metz, France
* October collective exhibition by the Royal saltworks society, Dieuze, France.
* October biennale of painting exhibition of Departmental councils of Lorraine, Bar-le-Duc, Meuse, France
*September Ars'tiste, Ars, France
*September Metzervisse Art Contemporain, France.
*July Les journées du Fait Main - Café Palette, Metz,France.
*June Personnal exhibition Espace Gérard Philippe, Jarny, France.
*April-May showroom of the "Compagnons de l'art et du savoir fer" , marly, lorraine, France.
* February FAAR , Metz, France.

* Pratique des Arts Magazine n°136
* International art exhibition of Lunéville (France)
* Exprim'Art, Pagny, France
* Ars'tiste
* Domaine OUry Schreiber Winery storehouse, Personnal exhib., Marieulles, France.
* Parcours d'Artistes, Metz, France
* DECO D'ART Gallery (Metz)
* FAAR (Metz)

* Gallery DECO d'ART (Metz France)
* La Palette, personnal exhibition
* Ars'tiste
* Madib'art Gallery, college Nelson Mandela, France
* Collective Exhibition about "environnement". Metz. Église des Trinitaires.

* Saint Avold (Moselle, France)
* Metz (Moselle, France)Theatris Bar, Opera-Théâtre, place de la Comédie
* Parcours d'artistes METZ

* Ars sur Moselle (Moselle, France), Ars'tiste

* Saint Avold (Moselle, France), salon de la peinture

* Puget sur Argens (Var, France)
1994-Martigny (France)