Nicolas AUVRAY

Nicolas AUVRAY

New york, NY, United States

About Nicolas AUVRAY

The late night evokes all sorts of interests in me; it opens doors to forgotten stories and tangible realities which cannot be seen in the light of day.

With my medium and large format cameras, I wander in the streets of urban and rural areas alike throughout the world; Paris, New York, Kyoto, the Ardennes or the Northeastern countryside. I search for people, for moments, and at times it feels like they also search for me.

I come across a glary street, a building, a stranger, a lone girl, a shady character in the distance. They stop. Perhaps they smile, pose or just pass by. I make the photograph. I am intrigued, excited, apprehensive at times, but attracted to whatever is hidden, secret or forgotten.

Using long exposures at night, the image gains a luminescence greater than its actual radiance. I capture these atmospheric environments, and moments of tangible realities. Stopping for a moment, I look to reveal something almost nonexistent in scenes that will stimulate ones senses, emotions and past experiences.

Through my artistic process, I aim to render the world’s enormous complexity into simple forms, to awaken the viewers’ imagination and have them build their story from the clues and elements captured in the image.

In both my daytime and nighttime work, I look for unfolding events and transforming places with a strong narrative. I have a keen interest in making my photographic series in a limited timeframe, a few hours or a day, in a specific and delineated space. Relying on un-manipulated reality and candid situations, I communicate my own experience through this cinematic story-telling lens.


Nicolas Auvray was born in France. After several years living in various countries around the world (USA, China, Austria, Australia and Singapore), he moved to New York in 2005 where he currently lives.
he is a photographer and analog Black and White printer

Nicolas has been a photographer for 25 years; first as an amateur but eventually making it his full-time occupation. He studied at the International Center of Photography (I.C.P.) in New York where he still works and collaborates as an assistant to master printers.

For his work, he uses analogue cameras (medium and large format) and prints primarily in the traditional darkroom in paris and in New York.

In 2017, a selection of his work is entering the photography collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF). The BnF is one of the foremost collections of photographs and prints in the world.

About the prints
Unless specified, the prints are made in the darkroom by the artist on silver gelatin Baryta paper. Most are toned in Selenium and all are processed for archival quality.



June- August 2020: Air France first Class and Business Lounge Featured Artists, JFK Airport, NY
March 2020: Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavillion, Chelsea, New York
March 2020: Architectural Design fair, New York, NY


March 2020: SCOPE Ne York Art Fair, Gallery l'Atelier NY
January 2020: Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary
December 2019: Pulse Miami
October 2019: Texas Contemporary, Houston, Texas, USA
September 2019: The Other Ar fair Dallas, Texas, USA
July 2019: Art + Market Hamptons, New York
May 2019: The Other Art Fair Chicago
March 2019: Affordable Art Fair New York, Spring 2019
March 2019: GalleryMain, Kyoto: American Attractions
February 2019: GalleryMain Kyoto - American Attractions

January 2019: Presented by Sigma Lenses, Tokyo. Collective
Show for KG+ Award Nominees.

November 2018: Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, presented by Galery Hegoa

June-August 2018: Gallery HEGOA, Paris 7th. Summer show collective exhibition.

May 2018: Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

April - May 2018 Festival KG+, Kyoto, Japan: solo exhibition presented by gallery Anewal, and Artist residence. The exhibition was nominated for KG+ award 2018. Supported by ICP New York.

March 2018: Affordable Art Fair New York

January 2018: Artrooms, Regent Park, London. International Contemporary Art Fair

January 2018: Photo18: Photography art fair, Zurich, Switzerland,. 30,000 visitors.

June 15 - Sept. 2017: Gallery HEGOA, Paris 7th « Paris, jolie Capitale ». Collective exhibition.
Selection from several portfolios of Auvray’s night work in Paris. Video Link

March 25-April 30 2017: Emoi Photographique, Angoulême- “Attractions Nocturnes: BELLA ROSE”.
Photography Festival exhibition, theme “History and Stories”.

29 August – 16 Sept. 2016: Festival America, Vincennes, France, series “American Attractions”
Festival Exhibition- Solo Show, public outdoor display of 40 large scale images. 30,000 Visitors.

October 1st - December 6th 2015:“Attractions
Nocturnes”(Night Attractions).
Solo show, presented by the city of Paris. Public outdoor display of 19 large scale black and white images. Place du Louvre, Paris 1er, Paris , France.
Exhibition in partnership with the City of Paris and Bibliothèque nationale de France. Presentation of the exhibition by Héloïse Conesa, Curator of Contemporary Photography, BnF and Chuck Kelton, Professor, ICP, New York.
Supported by the sponsorships of ERDF, Hôtel Le Meurice, RATP, Picto and Kelton labs.

Nov.10 2011- Jan. 2012 : Cyrus Company, Soho, New York. Collective Exhibition

Oct. - Nov. 2010: Cyrus Company, Soho, New York. Collective Exhibition. American Landscapes

2009 & 2010 : Local Exhibitions in Westchester County, New York

2006-2018 : Teaching Assistant, International Center of Photography (ICP) New York

In continuous attendance of educational programs, ICP

In 2017, a selection of his work enters the photography collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France