Nicolas Poizot

Nicolas Poizot

Villelongue de la Salanque, Pyrénées Orientales, France

About Nicolas Poizot

A French photographer, Nicolas Poizot was born in 1969. His discovery of instant films will greatly influence the creative direction of his work. A technique that is however coming to the end of it's life span but that combines two qualities that will quickly seduce him : immediacy and silver film. The immediate result delivered with the arrival of digital photography as we all know it is contrary to the strength and imperfections of silver film. It is through his series « A Man - A Woman » that Nicolas will feel these two strengths and sustain its momentum.
Constantly researching, prospecting, imagining and experimenting at the discretion of his desires, his projects. Far from being bound by only polaroid, depending on his ideas, he reunites the different ingredients to enable him to apply what is in mind ... his magic potion.

Nicolas is co-fonfator of the collective exhibition Les Echappées Belles


March, 27 - May, 10 : Galery l'Abat-Jour, Horizon(s), Lyon, France
May, 8 - May, 18 : Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu, "Mise à Nu!", Arles, france