Matthias Oppermann

Matthias Oppermann

Hamburg, Warnckesweg 1, Germany

About Matthias Oppermann

Born 1956 in Gießen. Life and work in Hamburg/Germany. MAIN FOCUS painting of landscape and „Spaziergänger“ (stollers). I draw my artistic inspiration from the sketching and drawing in nature. On mountain tours usually in Switzerland I record the impressions of the landscape, that I then further processed in the studio. In various artistic experiments I investigate the PERCEPTION OF LANDSCAPE. My techniques are photography, video, drawing and mainly painting. ✸

Member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists and the Danish artist group RIIMFAXE ✱

2012 DR HASENBAER AWARD of the Foundation of the German Psychoanalytic Society for conception and realization of the exhibition "heads - places of thinking" in the factory of the Arts in Hamburg ✱

2014 YEAR WINNER of the art award from the Vernissage Mediengruppe ✱

PUBLICATIONS on image creation processes and artistic research


Studying figurative drawing at Wilhelm M.Busch in the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Hamburg 1980-1983.



Since 1997 regulary exhibitions in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland