Massimo Lupidi

Massimo Lupidi

BUSTO A. ( VA ), Italy

About Massimo Lupidi

Self taught, born in Busto A. ( VA ) Italy, in 1957. I love photography from 1984.I choose greathly varied subjects and I establish the fine prints as the summation of the photographers emotional response to a feeling of union with the object or scene before the camera.I am a self taught photographer, I have taken photographs for years and truly love it. I believe that through my camera I must unite myself and the outer reality. Through the light, I find a meeting place. The places I visit, always leave a deep impression on me, I can relive those sensations and feelings again and again. I'm not an artist, I love photography, really.


My first pictures in Italy, in the early 1985s, then my first travels to France, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard and New Zealand. National awards and the more prestigious one in United Nations Focus on Your World International Competition on the Environment during Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Contributions to Fotopratica, Reflex, Royal Photographic Society - Travel , Still Pictures Library, Bureau of Freelance, Collins Educational, Meridiani, Francorosso, Malan Viaggi, Sei Viaggi, Heinemann Publishing, White Star Publishing, Phillip Allers Ltd, The Journal of Wound, Socialist International, Kingfisher and David West Books, Eine Welt, Promote Iceland, McMillan, Icelandair Stopover magazine.


Melbourne (Australia)- WestPac Art Gallery 1989, Milan-Sicof 1989 (Italy), Venice- PhotoVeneto Gallery 1988 (Italy), Turin-Marvin Gallery 1988 (Italy), Milan-Tourism International Salon 1995 (Italy), Milan-Agfa Gallery 1998 (Italy), Rome-Castel S. Angelo 1994 (Italy), Busto A.-MalpensaFiere(VA)- Italy 2006, Vigevano Castle (PV)Italy 2013, Tour de Villa Castle(AO)Italy 2013, ArtEXPO 2015 - Barcelona, EGOS X - Royal Arcade Gallery, London 2015 - Villa Amoretti - Turin (Italy) 2019 - Photo Festival 14th - Spazio Porpora - Milan (Italy) 2019.