Piotr Gola

Piotr Gola

Bilcza, woj.Świętokrzyskie, Poland

About Piotr Gola

Born in 1985 in Kielce ,Poland where he lives and works.
He studied Architecture at the Cracov University of Technology. Art is his passion. He is a self-teached artist.

Style of his art varies from symbolistic ,surrealistic to abstract and expressionistic. He likes to use (often multi-layered) symbols in his works. He make effort not only to show "dry" pictures of surrounding reality but also to speak to a viewer about life ,people ,expierencess and processess. He sets store by the way his titling his works. Often the title is an indication to how the meaning and sense of the work of art should be read.As artist himself say about his art it is a world of thoughts ,dreams and fantasy. His works are a translation of a visions and ideas which he derive from life and observation of himself and the people.

Artist uses vivid and expressionistic pallette of colours and often juxtapose different colours like blues ,reds ,pinks ,violets and greens. He tries to use as pleasant and interresting colours to a viewer as it is possible. Blackness in his works add up an element of deepness and mystery. Sometimes figures on the pictures look like they're hidden somewhere in the back.

Artist works in oil technique but also make use of digital painting.


2005-2010 - Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracov University of Technology