Ransom and Mitchell

Ransom and Mitchell

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Ransom and Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell is a still + motion creative team in San Francisco featuring the combined talents of director - photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer - digital artist Stacey Ransom. Together we create highly-detailed and visually-lush photography, digital art, and cg scenarios and portraits. Our work is narrative in nature and draws upon the darker undercurrent that exists within all aspects of society.

Our process is a combination of cinematic lighting, theatrically-designed sets, hand-crafted custom props, and CG, which is digitally composited and painted with an illustrative approach inspired by the Italian and Dutch Master painters. We aim to blur the lines between traditional photography and classical painting to create worlds that cannot exist (and quite possibly shouldn’t).


March 2018, Ghost Town, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo
May 2015, Dream Away, 111 Minna, SF (Jason)
March 2015, The Darklings / Rough & Ready Sideshow, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo
October 2013, die Familie, ZeroFriends, Oakland
October 2013, Across From Familiar, Roq la Rue, Seattle
September 2012, Smoke & Mirrors, Varnish Fine Art, SF

Nov 2019, Beyond Eden @ DesignerCon w/ Modern Eden
Nov 2019, Esprit de Corps, Haven Gallery / Modern Eden
Oct 2019, ArtSpan SF Open Studio
Aug 2019, La Lune II, Haven Gallery, NY
Jun 2019, El Final De Un Era, Wonderland SF
Jan 2019, SubVersions, Arc Gallery, SF

Dec 2018, Night Garden, Modern Eden, SF
Oct 2018, ArtSpan SF Open Studio
Aug 2018, Ghost Gallery IV, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo
Aug 2018, FourSquared, Arc Gallery, SF
June 2018, Wonderland 10th Anniversary, 111 Minna, SF
May 2018, Mermay, Modern Eden, SF
Apr 2018, Geeks, Freaks, and Strange Art, 111 Minna, SF

Dec 2017, Tales of the City, Modern Eden, SF
Dec 2017, Vinyl Show, Wonderland, SF
Nov 2017, ArtSpan SF Open Studio
Oct 2017, Hide and Seek, Weswal Gallery, Tamworth NSW
Oct 2017, Loved To Death x Modern Eden, Modern Eden, SF
Aug 2017, Parental Advisory, 63 Bluxome, SF
Aug 2017, Flower Child, Modern Eden, SF
July 2017, WSF7 Frida Kahlo, Wonderland, SF
June 2017, Our Summer of Love and Resistance, Avenue 12, SF
May 2017, How Weird Art Alley, SF
Apr 2017, RESIST!, 63 Bluxome, SF
Feb 2017, ArtSpanSF Selections, Heron Arts, SF
Feb 2017, Lover's Eye, Modern Eden, SF

Dec 2016, A Darker Compassion, Haas Bros., CO
Dec 2016, Wanderlust 4, Modern Eden, SF (Stacey)
Nov 2016, Dark Surrealism, Gregorio Escalante
Nov 2016, ArtSpan SF Open Studio
Oct 2016, Artspan Hub, Modern Eden, SF
June 2016, Art Gathering, Gregorio Escalante
May 2016, Hearsay, LoJoCos, LA
Apr 2016, Last Gasp Anniversary, 111 Minna, SF
Jan 2016, LA Art Show, Littletopia w/ Gregorio Escalante

Dec 2015, Krampusmas, 63Bluxome, SF
Oct 2015, Portal To The Future, Gregorio Escalante, LA
Sept 2015, Nightmare In Wonderland, Pink Zeppelin Gallery, Berlin
Sept 2015, Condensed Vanilla (w/ Sadistic Circus), Tokyo
Sept 2015, Freak Show, 63 Bluxome Gallery, SF
Sept 2015, More Than a Cone, LA Jun 2015, GOTH, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo
May 2015, The Midway SF Grand Opening, w/ Varnish Fine Art
Apr 2015, 30 Days and 30 Nights, Fathom Gallery, LA
Jan 2015, LA Art Show, Littletopia w/ Red Truck Gallery

Dec 2014, Wait For the Moon, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia
Dec 2014, Scope Miami, w/ Red Truck Gallery
Oct 2014, Rough & Ready Sideshow, Bash Contemporary, SF
Oct 2014, Le Chat Noir, Modern Eden Gallery, SF
Sept 2014, Small Indignities, Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans
Sept 2014, APA SF CV: Approaching the Unreal, ModernBook, SF
Aug 2014, Catastrophe, F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
Aug 2014, Virtual Vision, Auguste Clown, Fitzroy, Aus
Aug 2014, Half the Story, 63Bluxome, SF
Jun 2014, Snap! Attacks!, Orlando, FL
Jun 2014, More Than a Cone, LA
Mar 2014, Hearsay, Begovich Gallery, Fullerton
Mar 2014, Glass Eye, 63Bluxome, SF
Mar 2014, The Grotesque, Modern Eden, SF
Feb 2014, Winter Exhibition, Varnish Fine Art, SF
Jan 2014, Tarot Under Oath, Last Rites Gallery, NYC
Jan 2014, LA Art Show, Littletopia w/ Varnish Fine Art

Dec 2013, Sex, Drugs, Money, & Guns, Gauntlet Gallery, SF
Dec 2013, APA SF Something Personal (2nd place)
Nov 2013, Grand Opening, Alexi Era, St. Louis
Nov 2013, Troublesome Houses, LVAA, Louiville
Oct 2013, Hallow Be Thy Game, Bash Contemporary, SF
Sep 2013, Lil'Bub Art Show, Spoke Art, SF
July-Sep 2013, Varnish Vault, Varnish Fine Art, SF
July 2013, Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide, Bucharest
Apr 2013, Metamorphosis, Liminal Beings & Legendary Creatures, Gristle Tattoo, NYC
Apr 2013, DECADE-1, Varnish Fine Art, SF
Mar 2013, Undertow 3, Sloan Fine Art, NY

Dec 2012, CONTEXT: Art Miami, with Varnish Fine Art
Dec 2012, APA SF Something Personal
Dec 2012, Nevermore, Modern Eden, SF
Nov 2012, Allied Forces, Modern Eden, SF
Sep 2012, Awakened, AFA SoHo Gallery, NYC
Aug 2012, Lethal Injection, 111 Minna, SF