Rob Brading

Rob Brading

GLASGOW, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Rob Brading

Rob has worked continuously and tirelessly on his art style over the
last 17 years and like anything it has been a convoluted journey, artist
styles and subjects evolve over time but there comes a lightbulb
moment when the piece comes out that defines the style and focus
for every future creation. As a result of Rob’s massive exposure to
global technology it is no surprise that he has ended up where he has.
The objects you will see in this document confirm his style and
direction. They are all based around dissected technology products,
there is a focus on Apple Products for obvious reasons, but other
technology pieces are focused on from time to time if they merit
inclusion in the collection.
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Rob has worked in many disciplines throughout his career, ranging
from board positions, international sales, business development,
product management, and complex hands on systems installations.
• Rob trained with the South African Post Office with a focus on Data
Communications. After working in a technical role for 10 years he
relocated to the UK and worked in a sales position with Newbridge
Networks EMEA. Rob went on to co- found Atlantech Technologies
LTD, a software company delivering Carrier Class Network
Management solutions to the emerging Broadband/Internet market.
The company was sold to Cisco Systems in 2000.


Glasgow Institute of Architects Charity Ball 2018
All About Apple Museum Savona Italy 2019, 2020
Fashion TV , Cascais, Lisbon 2019


I am currently exhibiting my works at my art studio. Mearns Kirk Studios, 23i Kirkland’s Drive, Mearnskirk, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5 FF

Most of us in this modern age have spent our entire working life staring into the glowing CRT of a personal computer, from university where the machine is front and central, processing the fruits of our thoughts into a completed product that will yield an imperative degree on which we can launch our careers from. We then arrive at our new work only to sat in front of one of these machines again, where we will sit and work on projects. The up and downs, the inevitable crashes, glitches, viruses and other miscellaneous silicon and software based hazards that impede our productivity are all part of the modern world. Their advancement has been swift as predicted by Moore’s law and all to often the old model is wheeled away to the recycling bin of history and we are presented with a new faster, shinier, smaller machine to carry on with, and we think nothing of our poor departed friend.
I have however thought about this quite intensively and wondered how to celebrate and preserve our poor departed silicon workhorses. I wanted to liberate them from their boring beige and grey boxes and display the wonders that lay within in a way where people could walk past and simply gaze into the past and appreciate all the components that all came together to provide humanity with the most powerful tool ever created.

Hopefully in 200 hundred years time, these collages will serve as a historic visual artefact of the 1st generation personal computer age. Enjoy :-)

PS: If there is a computer model that made you who your are today, possibly at school or University and you'd like it hanging on your wall at home email me and I'll do my best to procure it on Ebay and make a personal collage for you.