Rita Kapitulski

Rita Kapitulski

Rosh Ha Ain , Middle East, Israel

About Rita Kapitulski

From the young age I was always fascinated by photography and drawing
How I can explain what I feel when I get a picture? Freedom, Emotions, inspiration – I feel like a child in long summer vacation.

The inspiration of works come to me with nature and Classic world culture - especially architecture and art.

It’s impossible to live in St. Petersburg, Russia and not be involved into Historic and cultural Life.
In this Beautiful city art is an everywhere. In every Chanel, bridge, cathedral.
In Museums and Parks, in the Summer white nights and autumn foggy days.

From 1990 moved to Israel.
Mediterranean seashore, desert, stones and hills has different energy and different colors.
Ancient historical stones, ruins and grapes farms has different energy and get different filings.
All my Experiences exists together in my soul.
I have extensive experience working on both photo and digitally processed abstract works. These works are issued as limited editions, with no more than 10 prints per piece, and can be printed on paper, canvas, glass, or aluminum.
I also do unique , commissioned artwork for a variety of clients .
My artwork has been featured in interior designs internationally.


Group painting and sculpture exhibitions and workshops:
participant in more than 10 exhibitions in Israel since 2004