Stelios Kleanthous

Stelios Kleanthous

PARALIMNI, famagusta, Cyprus

About Stelios Kleanthous

From the time i was a child, I remember been attracted to the spirit of the natural world.
I use photography as a way to document the world around me,creating pictures that call attention to details that most of the people overlook.
This helps me also to engage more deeply with where I am in space and time.
My goal is to create photographs that draw viewers into the now.
A focus on details and colours keeps us in the present,
it stops us for a moment,from fretting on the future or regretting the past.
I feel like my photographs are like a physical meditation.
My choice of subject comes from my interest in ideas about beauty of nature,and emotional connections.
I enjoy creating photographs that capture moments in speed of time.
| photograph people and nature, because I want to preserve a moment in time.
Recently I have focused on the sea and storms because i wanted to capture the mood through light and composition,
and hope the the viewer can feel and taste the sea and wind thru my photos.


self taught

technical school Nicosia '85

degree in mechanical engineering


Swiss art expo Zurich 15-19 August 2019


Dorte Visby Gallery (Denmark)
Mygdalhus Gallery (Denmark)
Blank Wall Gallery (Greece)
Thalassa museum and Gallery (Cyprus)