Yigit Dundar

Yigit Dundar

istanbul, Sancaktepe, Turkey

About Yigit Dundar

My paintings are a visual reflection of the effect of human feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body, it is a complicity between the body and the sensations This is the only language that can be understood by all people of different nationalities all over the world. Inspired by the limitless nature and expressiveness of body language, my works convey a whatever message through human body motion. .I try to explain people's problem, their inner struggles, their contradictions but also their own passions and stories through human body.
My paintings are a modern interpretation of the classical Renaissance and Baroque style.My aim is to reach a personal expression between a figurative and realistic search and concept in the contemporary painting art.Human being is at the centerpiece of my paintings by following main influences without losing my own nature.
I feel passionate and have strong aspirations for developing further my art whilst being able to make people touched by my art and help them find themselves in it. My dream is, through my art, to be able to make people feel more, see more and realise more about themselves and the world around them.


2005 Yeditepe University, Faculty of Architecture
2015 Yeditepe University, College of Plastic Arts, Graduate Degree


1996 Samsun Ataturkist Thought Foundation, “Ataturk” Themed Painting Competition, 2nd in Samsun
1997 GAP District Development Directorates, “GAP” Themed Painting Competition, 1st in Turkey
1997 3.Dede Korkut Culture & Art Festival, “Dede Korkut” Themed Painting Competition, 2nd in Turkey
1998 Ministry of Education, “Europe in Schools” Themed Painting Competition, 2nd in Turkey
1998 UNESCO & The Walt Disney Company, “Sport” Themed Painting Competition, 1st in Turkey and represented Turkey in 5. World Child Forum held in Paris
2000 Samsun Police Headquarters, “Security of Roadways” Themed Painting Competition, 1st in Samsun
2002 Rotary Club, Poster ve Composition Competition, 2nd in Poster Category
2002 Merck Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals, Artworks were pressed in year 2002 Calendar


Solo Exhibitions
2016 “Awakening” Gama Gallery Istanbul
2015 “Mysterious Solitude”, Gama Gallery, Istanbul
2013 “Labyrinth 01”, International Art Center, Istanbul
2012 “Gönüllüydüm yoldan çıkmaya”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
2012 “Tuhaf şey uçmak”, Dibeklihan Art Village, Bodrum
2012 “Buluşma” Soyut Art Gallery, Ankara

Group Exhibitions
2017 “Artankara” Soyut Art Gallery,Ankara
2016 ”Aqua Art Miami ” Gama Gallery ,Miami
2016 ”LA Art Show 2016 ” Gama Gallery , Los Angeles
2015 “ Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair 2015 ” Gama Gallery, Armaggan Art&Design Gallery, İstanbul
2015 “Yarımadadan Yansıyanlar” Armaggan Art&Design Gallery,İstanbul
2015 “Affordable Art Fair ” Gama Gallery, Seoul
2015 “Yaşam İçin Enerji”, Armaggan Gallery, İstanbul
2015 “ Maddenin Halleri-3”, Armaggan Gallery, İstanbul
2014 “MarjinArt Market”, InnPark Fine Arts Area, Galatasaray / İstanbul
2014 “Yeditepe’de Zaman IV – Çok sesli yaklaşımlar”, Ekavart Gallery, Taksim / İstanbul
2014 “Hey ben buradayım” Yeditepe University, Plastic Arts Faculty, Haliç Shipyard / İstanbul
2013 NART Business Center, Levent / İstanbul
2011 “Düşler”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
2011 “Klasik ve modern sanatın buluşması”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
2011 “Renklerin Dansı”, Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul
2010 “Yaz Güneşi”, Yavuz İşler Art Gallery, İstanbul
2010 “Umutlar”, Ülkü Cılızoğlu Art House, İstanbul
2006 Çizgi Art Atelier, Samsun
2002 Çizgi Art Atelier, Samsun
2000 Mona Lisa Art House, Samsun