, Painting Is Infinite 3 (NGC908)

Painting Is Infinite 3 (NGC908)

United Kingdom

Size: 8 H x 10 W x 1 in


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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

The 'Painting Is Infinite' series takes its title from a David Lynch quote, when he stated that the restrictions of the film-making process do not apply to the field of painting and that indeed 'painting is infinite'. This series plays with the quote on a literal level; celebrating the mental faculty that enables man to be transported by Art, and how we choose to perceive ourselves within the universe as equal if not quite a part of it. Each work presents a platform for the contemplation of the universe by using a standard box canvas that has been subverted and redefined in order to function as a device through which to wonder at the mysteries and scale of the universe.

Keywords: lynchian, space, universe, wonder, zen, cosmos, david lynch, existentialism, astral travel, galaxy, infinity

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