, SOLD Butterflies on Blue

SOLD Butterflies on Blue

United Kingdom

Size: 40 H x 30 W x 1.6 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic

The upward motion of butterflies embodies energy, vitality, positivity, and joy. Set to a bold yet calming blue background, with black and white drawn detail.

Lily has developed a unique way of working, using her own paintings as collage material on a canvas. Butterflies are meticulously painted, reproduced, and cut by hand, ready to use on a canvas. The background is painted with acrylics giving strong colour. The use of collage allows the freedom to play with the composition in a way which would otherwise be impossible, allowing quick changes until a design is settled upon. When the butterflies are fixed in place, washes of ink have been applied, followed by carefully drawn details. Finally, a glossy varnish enhances colours, adds protection, and offers an opulent shine.

Nature is common to all of Lily's work, however she would never claim to offer gritty realism - 'it's more like focusing on an aspect of its beauty and running with it, seeing where it can be taken. I like to keep things simple, and to me that means trying to create something which people can hopefully take some pleasure and enjoyment from'.

Keywords: acrylics, blue, bold, butterflies, butterfly, canvas, collage, colourful, drawing, happiness, Cerulean

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