Size: 63 H x 51.2 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

What determines the human, what allows us to define what are the signs, the nuances and characteristics? The work speaks of the transformation of man, the physical one that is expressed in various ways through the scalpel, but also the interior of a humanity confused. the bodies and the faces we show anxiety, manipulation scenarios. I like to talk about mutation, forward flight, of reflection, of contradiction, of contamination. The sense of transition, however, is that better expresses the spirit of these faces and these bodies, their ambiguous forms and generally indefinite fusion of the sexes seems to tick.
Transit, a parenthesis of continuous motion.
The judgment should vanish, has no reason to exist, and it is the only thing in this fallacious transit.

Keywords: paint, painting, people, portraits, realism, woman, Pop art, canvas, expressionism, figurative, figure, oil

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