, Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge


Size: 47.2 H x 47.2 W x 1.2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Since the eruption of the information age, the western world has shown a increasing faith in mankind.

Instead of belief in God, man now rests his destiny in one's own competence and ability to make wise decisions.

This means that one is fully responsible for their own successes and failures. What contribution has this to today's depression wave?

Our time's complexity has evolved to make information and goods constantly available. The expectations of efficiency, achievement and success are proportionally inherent.

Whereas misfortune in the old days was explained by God's will, the blame now rests on ones own shoulders.

A modern society can potentially see the benefits of religion as a means to carry the burden.

Today's society could have benefited from a culture that allows it to fail occasionally. But it is religion really what is needed?

Keywords: religion, blood, trap, tree, hooks, hand, hanging, mark, lures

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