Aztec Influence Sculpture by Richard Arfsten

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Aztec Influence enlarged and displayed in a nature setting.
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Aztec Influence

Richard Arfsten

United States


Size: 5 W x 9 H x 9 D in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal on Bronze.

Aztec Influence - maquette. I see a Aztec influence in this design. I designed this piece for enlarging into a monumental sculpture. The maquette is a solid, cast bronze piece and is one of my all-time favorite designs.

If you like this piece there are hundreds more on this site. Enter "Arfsten" in the search box in the upper right corner to see many styles and themes.

The maquette is a 3-dimensional blueprint that any competent metal fabricator can build from. You would purchase the right to enlarge the work and have it made by your fabricator -- giving you the opportunity to make cost decisions, size considerations, selection of metal, etc. I would get an additional design fee, based on a percentage of the fabrication cost. This means you have eliminated the art gallery, the sales representative, and deal directly with the designer/sculptor. It is a win-win situation all the way around. You are not looking at a sketch on a piece of paper that is hard to understand.

Using the maquette you view it from eye level at the height you envision it to be. In other words if you want it to be 20 feet tall on a 3-foot base you make a mark where eye level would be on the maquette. You then lift it to that level at your eye and that is exactly what it will look like in real life. This is the advantage of a maquette. Get it real close and it is just like walking up to it and around it in real life.

It is designed so that all of the measurements work -- they are demonstrated in the maquette. The fabricator would use a computerized scanner to produce the exact sizes for the patterns to bend the sheet metal. It is designed without compound curves so there will be is no foundry costs for molds. The final sculpture can be fabricated from bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and painted etc.

The price shown is for the maquette only. The rights to enlarge the piece are available, but are NOT included in the sale price of the maquette. In order to enlarge the piece, the buyer enters into a contract with me and a fabricator of their choosing, and assumes financial responsibility for all enlargement and installation costs. I would be paid an additional design fee, based on a percentage of the total cost of the enlargement (similar to the practice used by architects). Please contact me for further information regarding enlargement.





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