Emi S

Emi S

Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Emi S

Emi S combines the freedom of abstract painting with exquisite traditional Japanese techniques. Through layers of natural mineral pigment, metallic leaf and other beautiful materials, her works explore the cultural differences and synergies she has observed through her international career.

Before moving to Sydney about a decade ago, Emi worked in the fashion industry in Tokyo and New York with Prêt-à-Porter designers Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, and as an occasional stylist for Yoko Ono.

She has exhibited her paintings at many exhibitions internationally, including the most recent ones in Paris, Brain with a View and Wunderkammer (2019).

She has also worked as an in-house artist at Louis Vuitton in Sydney, creating personalised artwork for costumers and hand-painting custom images onto suitcases and bags.

Running painting and Ikebana workshops teaching and mentoring both children and adults, including people with disabilities is another of Emi’s greatest passions. She recently contributed to the Breakthru Focus 2020 online Art Exhibition. https://breakthru.org.au/focus-2020/

One highlight amongst many of the workshop
Emi has run was one that was held at ‘The School’ owned by stylist Megan Morton.

Ikebana & Japanese watercolour workshop at The School


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Boston University, US

Fashion Design, Parsons School of Design, NYC, US


Contributing to FOCUS art exhibition for people living with disabilities, Sydney 2020

Louis Vuitton exclusive private event, Sydney 2018

Sydney Children's Hospital Charity Art exhibition, Sydney 2018

Berta restaurant installation, Sydney 2017



Wunderkammer, Paris 2019

Chifly Tower exhibition presented by Soho Galleries, Sydney-2017

Otomys Gallery, Melbourne, Singapore-2016
OMO3, Tokyo-2013

Hiroshige Gallery, Hiroo, Tokyo-2013

Meguro Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo-2013