Frantisek Florian

Frantisek Florian

Stara Rise, Vysocina, Czech Republic

About Frantisek Florian

Frantisek Florian is completely self taught contemporary painter. He is promising talent from the Czech Republic. He creates colorful collages and paintings influenced by African culture and women. He gives energy to his artworks. He likes to try new techniques as acrylic markers or acrylic colors in spray. His collages are usually made on canvas or paper where he can play with his imagination and his disctinctive understanding of the space. His distinguishing mark are big eyes on the african figures which usually appears in his collages.


Self taught in art. I graduated in 2018 from Faculty of Management, VSE Prague.



Dr. Fischer Kunstauktionen (256. Auction), Germany
Vltavin Auction House, Prague, Czech Republic
Stastna Hvezda, Charity Auction, Prague, Czech Republic


Natalia Sineva collection, Portugal
Andrew Skinner collection, United Kingdom
James W Oreilly collection, United States
Sinisa Todorovic collection, United States
James W Oreilly collection, United States
Roberta Toffanello collection, Italy
Jean Philippe Motos collection, France
Joana Fonseca collection, Portugal
Christine Halter collection, France
Katell le Moal collection, France
Jean Jean Christophe Bitto collection, France
Docekalova Marie collection, Czech Republic
Bouda Martin collection, Czech Republic
Lucie Jirku collection, Czech Republic
George Allegrini collection, New Jersey, USA
George Harmon collection, Lochse Lane, USA
Stefan Branco collection, Isleworth, United Kingdom
Frantisek Kéri collection, Prag, Czech Republic
Straub Josiane, Reading, United Kingdom
Mclaime Maria, Arizona, USA


2019 featured in evango online gallery (USA)
2019 Vltavin Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2018 Gallery in Telc, Czech Republic
2017 Vltavin Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 Family Art Exhibition, Brtnice, Czech Republic
2015 Birthplace of Josef Florian, Czech Republic
2015 Aurora Spy, Permanent exhibition, Czech Republic
2013 Hasicsky dum, Telc, Czech Republic
2019 feautre in New this week's collection featured by Rebecca Wilson on Saatchi art
2019 featured in Best of June collection on Saatchiart